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83 Awe-Inspiring Log Homes & Cabins


Adding a plant to the porch line is a great way to bring even more natural appeal to a cabin while make it appear homey.


The dramatic triangular peaks on this log home give it a gothic appearance and inside, an eye-catching flair.


The unique roof on this cabin makes it stand out among other cabins in the region. The white highlights give it a modern appeal as well.


This log home has an all-natural appearance with an eye-catching stone fireplace and round logs. The green roof blends into the design and the surrounding trees.


Log homes are often know for their large decks and this home does not disappoint. It also lets plenty of natural light in with its large picture windows.


This log home is long and deep and has enough different rooflines to tell any viewer it is very intriguing on the inside as well.


The use of the large round beams along the roof ties this long home into nature. The fact that the roof hangs over the house helps owners to gain privacy.


This log home has an almost oriental nature because of the roofline and added decorations around the windows.


Some log homes like to mix types of wood as you see in the contrast between the home and the porch materials.


The natural wood changes between one portion of the home and another, giving it a contrast in materials and patterns.


The natural home looks more modern because of the stone pattern along the bottom and the windowpanes bring a slight highlight of color into the wood as well.


The cedar on this home looks slightly stained and utterly beautiful against the dark green roof.


This home has a unique roofline that continues past where it would normally stop to create an intriguing angle. The opposite side of the house takes another approach with a more boxy appearance.


This log home has a simple design at first glance, but gets more intricate as you take in the upstairs porch and wood beams supporting the roof.


The bright green roof highlights the dull brown boards and brings this older looking log home into the present.


This dark log home emits a welcoming glow with its beautiful windows and soft lighting.


There’s nothing like a log home on the lake and this home looks like a classic log house with all of the right elements combined.


The large windows that run all the way up to the pitched roof ensure a beautiful natural light element inside the house.


This knotty pine look brings natural appeal while the way the wood slopes to a stop toward the roof gives it added design and style.


This home comes across very natural, but you can tell there is architecture involved as well based on the railings and nearby gazebo.


This log cabin does it all with its varied pitches roofs, large porch, and natural appeal.


There’s nothing better than a log cabin in the mountains during a snowstorm. The stone chimney stands out, ensuring that everyone inside is nice and warm no matter what happens outside.


These standard rectangular windows stand out on the side of the cabin and give it a unique appearance in the log home world.


This log home has the comfortable appeal of a quaint weekend getaway with all of the natural elements in place.


The darker wood makes the log home look smaller, but the pitched roof ensures there is plenty of ceiling space inside.


The bright wood shows the log elements off while the dark red roof brings an element of surprise into the design.

Each of these log cabins is beautiful in its own way. It is hard to decide which one has the most beauty since all of them are astounding in different ways. With pitched roofs, natural appearances, and plenty of variations, the log homes above are truly awe-inspiring and hard to compare.