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51 Beautiful and Functional Small Bathrooms


Gorgeous green

Mixing a bold green shade into a neutral and traditional dark brown and cream color palette is an unusual choice, but the effect is unique and striking. The green stands out and brings a bold and modern touch to the otherwise simple and neutral bathroom.


Ornate glamour

Ornate appliances with extra decorative lips and sparkling but subtle details bring a real air of luxury to this bathroom. The subtle color palette of mint and white isn’t as important as the elaborate shapes inside the room, but it does give a really unusual and fresh style to the bathroom. The shower/bath brings traditional fun and elegance to the room instead of feeling like a space saving solution.


A majorly white bathroom might be an obvious choice, but it’s both clean and timeless. White appliances are inexpensive, and white tiles are easy to maintain and install. This is a simple choice, but also an informed choice. Once your appliances are installed, you can get creative and add your own personality to the room in subtle decorative additions – which can easily be updated as quickly as your tastes change.


Golden hues

The very essence of luxury and extravagance, gold isn’t a color only for larger rooms. These golden hues envelop the entire room and add luxury and style to the awkward shaped room. Adding a large shower/wet room instead of a bath is a bold move, especially when there is space available, but it brings a very modern and minimal charm to the room.


Monochrome magic

Once of the simplest color palettes to work with, an easy monochrome color palette involves covering your bathroom in entirely white walls and appliances, using black or very dark hues to decorate and add accents to warm and deepen the room. If monochrome is simply too contrasting or intense for a small bathroom and your personal tastes, natural light and bright decorative pieces can combat this easily without sacrificing your style.


Cheating with stripes

Another age old design tool, simply adding horizontal stripes and large tiles to any room can extend it by illusion and prevent that swamping and shrinking we can experience sometimes when bathing in a very small room. A simple addition, the shower curtain is a changeable and inexpensive fixture that can be changed at the drop of a hat.


Red carpet glamour

Using a very clever layout to maximize the room, this bathroom has stuck to a simple and plain white color palette to ensure that the appliances are given enough space and to maintain a modern style, but the addition of a quirky bath mat and rust colored shower wall add simple blocks of color that warm up the room.


Modern minimalism

Another narrow bathroom with limited natural light, this modern and minimalistic bathroom uses spotlights and down lights throughout the room to ensure that no light is sacrificed at all, and uses a reflective and glittering surface throughout to ensure that the light is thrown around the room.


Simply mixing the heights in your small bathroom can be a simple way to add an extra dimension to the room, cheating us to believe that the room is wider and taller than it actually is. This gorgeous bathtub is set on a small staged area that doesn’t just put more focus on the most beautiful feature in the room, but also leads us to believe that the evidently shorter side of the room is taller than it looks.


Luxury fabrics

Luxury is a popular trend but one that can be hard to attain, especially in small and simple bathrooms. One simple addition here of an elaborately patterned, jewel toned and metallic shower curtain adds instant glamour and style to this traditional bathroom.


Glittering mosaic tiles

Monochrome bathrooms are sleek, clean, and stylish, but sometimes they are missing that certain je ne said quoi that makes the room feel complete and conveys personal style. This small bathroom with a raised shower has added a simple ombré mosaic to surround the shower, adding color, coolness, and fun to the simple room.


Horizontal shapes

This extremely small bathroom is in danger of feeling cramped and close, but the simple window that brings in natural light opens up the room, and cleverly uses its high and wide shape to cheekily extend the room.


Two-tonal limitation

A color palette featuring only two colors, especially when one is white, is simple and can often be described as boring. But not this small bathroom. Using a subtle yellow hue with white is anything but bland. It brings more light into the room, has a soft contrast that amplifies the size of the appliances, and reminds us of summer. What’s not to love?


Floor space matters

Take a look at this simple, but stunning, corner shower. These designers could have instead built a walk in shower or wet room the length of the room. That would be much more minimal, and bang on trend, but it would also take up valuable floor space. This isn’t the smallest bathroom we’ve seen, but it feels larger than it is because of the spare floor space available to the right of the corner shower. A wider shower room would steal away this space and limit the empty floor space, making the room feel smaller than it currently does.


Clutter counts

In smaller bathroom we often try to steer away from clutter and add more storage that covers mess and small items that might make the room feel overwhelming. In this small bathroom however, a simple built-in shelving unit provides enough space for bathroom products that we no longer require a full shelving unit or cabinet, leaving even more space free.


Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is known for its simplicity and lightness, and it’s been mimicked across the world. This light and airy bathroom uses simple shapes and light wood to make the room feel light, clean, and open. Everything you need from your bathroom.


Warming textures

Lacking natural light doesn’t have to be a negative interior design feature. Warming colors, mirrors that reflect light and wonderfully spaced down-lights set the mood for this luxury room with plenty of depth and textures.