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46 Envy-Worthy Finished Basements & Man Caves

The basement can often be a place you think of as damp and dusty. When it is unfinished, it is for storage and nothing more. But wouldn’t you like to quit wasting that space and use it for something much more useful? There are a number of things you can do with a basement space. Since women often run the style and design of the rest of the house, sometimes men take over the basement and create a man cave full of games and relaxation fun.

Basements can be fun spaces to design and decorate. They are often large and open, which means there are a lot of options in terms of placement and overall layout. The best thing to do is consider what you want to place in the space and then work in style and design elements around the key items. Do you want the space to be relaxing? Do you want class? Choose your design around how you want the basement to look and feel and what types of activities you will be doing in it.

The bottom floor of a home is often dark because there is often a limited amount of natural light. Lighting is key to basement design. You do not want the space to be dark and gloomy if you are going to use it for anything. Once you decide what elements you want to place in the room, think about the lighting that will go around it to make it a place where you and others will want to spend time.

There are so many things you can do with a nice basement the possibilities are nearly endless. Take a moment to envision relaxing and having fun in the space and enjoy these envious basements and man caves for inspiration.


This large, open space makes it simple to do many things in one room. The mini kitchen is a great complement to the pool table area.


No man ever wants to watch just one show at a time and this room allows for easy viewing of half a dozen things at once. The simple elegance of the space allows it to be versatile for other things too.


This room is technically all once space, but the high bar and couch break it up into sections allowing plenty of room for each area.


The contrasting colors coordinate well with one another and draw the three sections together into one space. The muted lighting is great for after dark and the large windows bring in natural light during the day.


There does not have to be a lot of space to get in the elements you need. With a fireplace, a big screen and a few couches a basement can transform into something usable.

modern living room This modern design is simple and elegant and highly versatile. This is a great place to entertain guests, but it is also perfect for family games and relaxation.


This true man cave has a garage and basement thrown together feel. The couch and tables are decorated in Harley colors while the cars nearby show the male owner enjoys the space in many ways.


The ultimate movie room needs to have a nice, big screen, but there are elements of style in this basement as well. The neutral couch and carpet are broken up with a funky rug and the nearby bar finishes off the end.


What man wouldn’t love a real bar in his basement? These keg stools are creative and stylish and the wood barn look on the rest of the bar stands out.


This beautiful example features a whole wall of stone work and natural looking wood flooring. The room is set up as a great place to relax, read, and get away from it all.

Tv media basement living room with leather sofa. Many basements make a great place to relax and hang out. This space has a couch large enough for many, and comfortable enough for one.