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54 Ways to Spell LUXURY in Master Bedrooms

For most homeowners, the master bedroom is where they spend a majority of their time. So, a little splurge on your sleep sanctuary is only well deserved.

Complete with four-poster beds, wall-to-wall windows, gilded pieces and glamorous wall treatments, here’s the ultimate online resource of deluxe bedroom designs. This list features a creative mix of traditional and modern styles, and a refreshing selection of rich color schemes and textiles.

Whether decorating, renovating or just browsing around, you can recharge your design batteries and be inspired.These rooms are stuff that dreams are made of, and the high-end design ideas that ensue will surely wake you up.


The gloss of the brocade, warmth of the taupe, dark wood Victorian four-post bed, deep brown leather of the ottoman, velvet and the silk of the pillows–they all cry out one sentiment: opulent chic.


Modern minimalist bed décor in this stunning space is cleverly contrasted by the more classic living area.  Everything is anchored by the succulent deep red fabrics.



There’s something about the subdued green that makes this look more grand than “grandma”. Paris comes to mind in the embroidery, carpeting and the exquisite details on the carved wood ceiling. Oui, oui!



End the agony over color swatches and pick white. From the complementary tones of wood, choice of romantic furnishing, to the colonial style windows, nothing says stark in this rich, country-inspired bedroom.



Every nook in this wide room is quietly Zen. Looking at the neutral tones of the wood accents and the clean lines of the furniture and fittings can make anyone feel warm and cool at the same time.




Rich chocolate shades on the wall and the striped curtains are complemented by refined pieces of furniture, homey sheets and tall windows. The combination of medium-sized mirrors punctuates the originality in this lavish space.


Luxury Master Bedroom

This room’s unique angular ceiling plays off the curves of the bed and seats. The same harmony shows in the dark tones of tufted leather and wood detailing against the pristine ivory walls.



Take one focal point, like this hearty tray ceiling and let it inspire the rest. A splash of low-contrast toasty browns on the furniture and drapes, a crafty mosaic of tiles and a tiny touch of auburn round up this beautifully lit room.


Sunshine fills this tropical room with tasteful indoor plants and avibrant light-on-dark floral print. Luxurious wood tones accent the furniture and exposed beams of the high ceiling.


luxury bedroom bed and breakfast room

A sexy pad with an overlooking view and a balcony.Thismasculine marvel features sophisticated hues of off-black in all the right places like the crisp lines on the fireplace, rug, and sheets.



Here’s a precious bedroom with gilded wallpaper, posh-mirrored cabinets, gorgeous textiles in tones of bronze and copper, pristine white ceiling, and vast vertical and horizontal space.



With a view like this, all you need is a luxurious bed accentuated in black, regal shades of coffee and cream on the floor and the mosaicwall tiling, and of course, massive windows and sliding doors showcasing the lake.



There’s something lavishly old world about this bedroom. Maybe it’s the carved wood bedframe and the graceful classic patterns in the upholstery, bedspread and carpeting?



Here’s a room with elegantly exposed ceiling beams, dainty details of light florals and pretty geometry. It looks even more timeless with the touch of darkwood on the floor and in the mix-and-match chairs.


White reigns in the intricate drapery, carpeting and upholstery in this expansive suite with a city view.The colossal glass panelsbathe the royal room with light,making the deep-colored details pop.



Modern classic design comes to life in this room. The archedFrench doors leading to a scenic balcony illuminate the stunning hardwood details of the bedframe amidst the subtle color palette.



The sparkling white shades of the drapes, decorative shutters and bedspread, along with the cheery yellows of the walls, headboard and footstoolopen the space and balance the boldness of the dark cabinets and indoor palms.



There’s no doubt that the focal point in this room is the handsome-looking bed frame in the perfect ebony shade. Throw in simple patterns on top and complementary manly (and functional) décor around, and you have the perfect bachelor’s pad.



Color brings this earthy room together. The inside takes inspiration from outside through vibrant touches of periwinkle and limebalanced with the cool tones on the center rug and the luscious warmth of the darkwood.



Now this is modern romance.Layers of traditional textiles, and furniture with antique qualities paired with the contemporary angles of frames on and around the bed are all patched together by a timeless warm color scheme.



This room seems inspired by relaxed Western sensibilities, with fresh green accents keeping the design current. The understated flair of the bed’s rich wood tone matches the tables and the interesting wall art.



The plush velvet spread, cool art pieces, the industrial feel of the riveted panels, openness of the space, clean and crisp palette – this room with en suite bath is just divine.


The bright hues of the ceiling, walls and textiles give this rustic room a sunny glow, while the eye-catching headboard and intricate window grills are what take the design to a higher level.



This is the perfect example of a functional high-end bedroom. Keeping the customized fireplace in the heart of the room lets the warmth of the wood flooring and the blend of plush fabrics radiate all over.



Here’s an awesome use of vertical space:upholstered panels made into wall art.Keep all fabric choices luxe, then bring the outdoors in with choice foliage, and you have a million dollar suite.



Another creative idea for upright decorating: filling glass shelves with an eclectic assortment of pots and plants.The strategic grouping of patterns on the walls, frames and pillows make for a delightful space in a class of its own.



This High-end vintage Hawaii room evokes serene feelings of surf and sand. Highlighting with indoor and outdoor plant life instead of patterns, functional use of wicker reading chairs, and bursts of color make the room more inspired than thematic.



Elegant bedroom with brooding hues of emerald and charcoalin contrasting patterns. The already-wide area with a complementary living space is even more expanded with gorgeous stained wood ceiling beams and glass windows with breathtaking views.



What’s black and white and regal all over? This room is with daring black wood floor, no-nonsense furniture, sleek four-post bed, taupe walls,with a wild  mix of geometry, animal print and sparkles.


A quirky assembled-wood artwork in place of a headboard is paired with a checkerboard footstool. Soft green bedding and walls with sensual lighting complete the look.



Eyes are immediately drawn to the delicate archway flanked with sturdy open shelving in this inspiringly symmetrical bedroom and mini-library. The spare use of pattern and color complement the grounded dark tones of the cabinetry and headboard.


This sophisticated master bedroom with a nursery annex comes together in rich hues of burgundy and olive. The choice of patterns both graphic and subtle create a sense of cohesion throughout the entire area.



Elephants and water grace this fabulous room which draws inspiration from the far East. The intricacy of woodwork is emphasized by the mild fashion of the rug and the simple elegance of the wall finishing.



With its windows galore, this bedroom is picture perfect. The tan elements tastefully lighten the ebony leather and plank floors while the splash of blue makes for an inviting space.



Isn’t this just majestic? The silvery drapes and bedcover look palatialover the multi-toned wood tiles while the elaborate details of the loveseats, the fireplace accents, the  and chandelier – just breathtaking.



Safarisuite dreams come true in this superb bedroom with an open patio. Glass walls and earthy pieces of graphic prints and repurposed wood take on a refreshing African adventure.



This bedroom has an elevated focal point, literally. Who knew something so refined could also look so cozy?And isn’t it so lovely how the purplelooks so vibrant with the browns?



One look at the grand gilded bed frame and you know a princess possibly sleeps here. Everything in this boudoir – from the ornate dresser, the purple vintage French seats to the textured velvet –is fit for royalty.



Sunshine is of endless supply in this bright bedroom. The harmonious patterns of deep reds and golds, thoughtfully detailedwindow arches, with the golden tint of the floor conjure pure Mediterranean bliss.



How mesmerizing are those 3D-patterned wood tiles? The geometry against the curls and swirls of the bed frame, seating, lighting fixtures and wallpaper, with the class of ivory and gold tones are totally to-die-for.



No optical illusions necessary when you have this much to work with. Take color cues from the marble fireplace and play with textures in sophisticated shades of slate and vanilla, topped with touches of chocolate to make a delicious space.



Now this is chintz done right. The deep wine color flows perfectly with the stained tiles, while the curves in the carved wood flawlessly mirror that of the fabric patterns while softening the lines of the ceiling.



Clean sophistication is masterfully executed in this predominantly white room. While the vibrant print on the bed and window shades is undeniably striking, the vintage armoire, and the romantic fireplace statues are also having a moment.



There are many reasons to love the fall season, like the shades found in this room. The ambient lighting becomes the focal point as all other elements are kept simple and elegantly traditional.



This master suite looks like paradise with celadon walls, summery prints and a mix of small and tall plants. Throw in some rich chocolate and plum over the eggshell bedspread and sofa to tie everything together.



Boldly feminine design outfitted combinations of lavender, red and lime patterns. The centerpiece of this expansive room with two sitting areas is an enormous floral rug neutralized by the towering white steeple ceiling which flows into an ornate fireplace. For contrast, daring auburn shades grace leather and wood.


This master bedroom draws inspiration from the rich Damask statement wall. Simple white panels with pretty sconces adorn the bed sides, while a textured rug contrasts with the polished floor, and a cozy sitting nook frames a wide window.




This magnificent space starts with an exquisite jar collection displayed on a floor-to-ceiling marble shelf, adds in a grand bed witha mini-canopy, and finishes with a gorgeous sitting area on a lush rug,all in shades of puce, grays and golds.



Drama flows in this bedroom with tufted upholstery and warm-tinted wood. The silver motif of the bedazzled rug, brocade bedspread, chandelier, and glass decals  anchors the room.



Don’t let the pastel pink fool you, this room has glamor written all over it. Just look at the golds on the walls and fixtures, the three-quarter length windows that highlight the detailed high ceiling and the massive floor space.



Customized walls with varying tones of wood? Check. An assembly of luxurious rugs? Check. An upscale vintage bed? Check. In a luxury yacht over the waters of Italy? Check!



This room which glistens with green walls, refreshing white paneling and trim, dark-toned hardwood floor and furniture, lavish silken bed covers, and just the right amount of sunlight and potted plants.


Here’s a laid-back way of interpreting luxury. This master bedroom keeps everything simple with cool grays and warm browns, an ample amount of sunshine, and plush fabric choices.



This extravagant master suite is the epitomeof opulence.The Victorian theme resonates in the ornate ceiling and carvings, the classic stripes, and custom-made wall and window treatments fit for a palace.