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48 Beautiful Patio Designs – Concrete, Flagstone and Brick

Patios make it possible to be outdoors without leaving the house. Some are covered with a roof, awning or a gazebo, while others are open, blending in with the surroundings. Some are simply an extension of the living area or kitchen; while others add to the beauty of a serene garden. If you can’t decide between open and covered, add a pergola instead. It’s a timeless piece that can add some personality to the space.

In this gallery of outdoor patios, we also highlight the many different shapes and sizes of flagstone, concrete and brick pavers. Whether natural-cut, textured, or geometric, they can be mixed and matched to complement furniture and foliage alike. Stamped concrete is an economical choice, which can be customized with texture and dye. On the higher end of the spectrum is flagstone with its varying tones of gray and cream.

An easy way to infuse some character into any outdoor living space is the choice of furniture. For open areas, weatherproof cast or wrought iron is both dependable and decorative. As for covered patios, there’s no limit to the type of material. Go full scale with a wicker or teak sofa set, and dress them up in colorful upholstery.

Finally, accessorize with a variety of fireplaces, fire pits, vases, ornamental urns, and fountains. No matter the size, our photo collection features the many ways you can build and decorate your own outdoor living area. With designs as diverse as these, you’ll surely be hosting outdoor celebrations great and small, in no time.

This patio with a mix natural and square-cut stone paving has plenty of room for entertaining and dining. A fine ensemble of polished dark wood gathers around a raised fire pit on one end, while a black wrought iron dining set topped with a large umbrella sits with the grill on the other. In the middle is a pair of lounge chairs next to a widescreen TV for extra seating.


If you have al fresco dining in mind, an outdoor mini-kitchen attached to a structural wall is a great addition. This sheltered patio features a living area around an elegant carved stone fireplace, framed with arches to highlight the outdoor water view. And a dining area with a stone tabletop and wicker furniture sits on the same flagstone floors.



The geometrical stone flooring in this extended porch and patio combo adds a creative touch. A chic wrought iron gazebo makes the white-fenced porch rainproof. Luscious deep re fencing frames the expansive manicured, and floral upholstery enhances the weatherproof seating around a tiled table in the patio, complete with a swing seat on one side.


This Spanish style villa features a sophisticated semi-circle patio in limestone slabs. The dainty cast iron dining set blends well with the dark wood of the pergola, against the natural light shade of the brick walls.


Here’s a perfect blend of old and new – a spacious wicker cocoon lawn chair with a matching curved table is elegantly contemporary in black, making it the focal point for the patio. A traditional balcony complements the setting, aged and slightly covered in vine.


A charming stamped concrete backyard patio with dainty outdoor furniture. The wear and tear on the iron gives the seats a vintage feel against the taupe wooden panels of the house.


This garden patio wraps around the side of house with natural-cut flagstone. A swinging love-seat sits just below the auburn wooden porch, and a colorful blue and red sitting area circles around a steel fire pit next to a pergola at the corner.


Add height to your backyard as shown here with gorgeous cut-stone pavers, elevated into multiple level planters with carefully chosen foliage. The intrinsic beauty of flagstone is topped off with a black weatherproof furniture set, complete with a colorful striped umbrella.


The classic pergola frames this cozy patio with its natural light-color finish. The paving is a mix of cut stone and stamped concrete, the furniture black cast iron. An assortment of potted plants is beautifully arranged below the pergola, taking the surrounding garden into the living space.


A covered patio like this on textured concrete is practical for year-round entertaining. The striking orange-tone wood is anchored by one warm-toned wall and the stone bricks. Sleek mini-dining set in khaki and white adorn and a hefty grill complete the homey atmosphere.


Another covered patio on stamped concrete, this time with a dark wood mini-bar and a vast sitting area outfitted in chocolate colored wicker. Cool shades of lime, pale blue and cool gray lift the otherwise overwhelming warm palette.


At the center of a wide, green backyard is a modest patio on stone pavers. Decked with a functional wood dining set and grill, it complements the covered porch of the white-walled home.