Thursday , June 13 2024

Delightful Wood Deck Designs (42 Photos)

Picking the right design for a wood deck doesn’t only spruce up your outdoor living area; it can also add considerable worth to your home. It’s important to prioritize the main purpose the deck, balcony, lanai or patio will serve before choosing the shape and materials. A deck can have multiple uses, whether it’s for entertaining, dining or for regular relaxation. This photo collection also shows how decks can help highlight or hide certain views.

Most decks come in angular shapes, as they are the easiest to fit into an exterior wall. Some can be customized into long shapes to maximize the outdoor space, and while others are layered, to optimize vertical space. Decks can also either be directly attached as a walkout from back of the house, or as a porch on the façade. For homeowners with expansive yards, the deck can be built as separate structure incorporated into a garden.

In this gallery, we also feature versatile wood treatments. Some are stained or painted for a more polished look, while others are untreated to give the wood a natural, weathered look. Some have enough space for both dining and living sets, while others are pretty and petite.

Whatever the objective for the deck is, there are plenty of ways to dress it up and make it comfortable.


Set within a breathtaking landscape with lush greens and a narrow pond, is this octagonal sundeck in cool gray. A huge brick fireplace in contrasting red, a full dining set of black wrought iron, and simple white fencing complete the design. The space is maximized with two lounge areas, one by the water, and the other on the brick patio on which the wood flooring sits.


The aged look of the tobacco wood planks in this deck gives it a ski lodge feel, complementing the shades of the home’s red brick wall. Add a simple seating area with two metal chairs and light teak foldable table and a dainty assortment of potted plants for a homey feel.


A great way to expand the home space is by adding a raised deck to the back entry, and extending the roofing with a trellis, as seen here. Furnished with one long bench on one side for portable seating.


Cozy and classy are what describe this lanai with a living area, plus a built-in bench with a trellis. The wood is stained in warm brown, and the seats cool black, dressed in red upholstery with black piping.


Upscale and urbane, this second-floor garden patio with untreated wood floors is sheltered by a metal and glass roofing. Right in the middle is a unique yin-yang shaped sofa set in dark-toned wicker.


When you have acres of backyard space, why not build a farm deck? This one has a long deck to the side of the house that extends out to a roofed expansive one with rustic lounge chairs and a wide garden view.


This wonderful wraparound balcony spreads from an upper floor, giving it best access to fresh air from the nearby woods. A dainty dining set of white wicker sits on one corner of the open area in this partially roofed beauty.


Take inspiration from the East as seen in this raised backyard deck with a flat rock fountain, a sitting Buddha, and bamboo bushes. The look is kept elegantly minimalistic, with one living area all in black wicker, while the other with just one chair and a glass top table.


A smaller patio deck like this one calls for small but noteworthy furniture and accessories. The streamlined design of the steel and woven plastic seats is complemented well by the petite bonsai plant sitting on a slim bench.


This spacious upper floor deck stretching over two tiers, wraps a brick home with picturesque seaside views. A portable bar sits on the foreground, while a relaxing ensemble of chairs are found at the far end of the fenced hardwood floor.


Everyone in the family will love this orange toned patio deck which joins the home and the pool house. A full metal-and-glass dining set is gathered on one side, and a colorful bench swing is found on the other, in this raised deck overlooking a wide green landscape.


An open deck is meant to withstand wind and rain, like this orange-tinted raised deck. Red wooden lounge chairs and steps in the same shade complete the bright look, perfect for any weather.


This backyard features two strips of open hardwood decks, flanking a granite top water feature. The relaxed contemporary theme is also apparent in the garden landscaping which is furnished just a couple of tangerine colored lawn chairs.


The natural colors of the surrounding woods punctuate the beauty of this L-shaped sundeck. There are two levels of the sienna-stained flooring, which is enveloped in simple wooden fencing, and houses a built-in pergola, all of the same shade.


An ingenious way of adding seating to an open deck is by attaching a swing bench to a pergola. This garden living space features floors of polished gray wood and laurel green plastic chairs, and a blend of purples and greens in the background.


Another view of the same open deck shows a small dining set in dark gray steel, a portable bar set in white, and the vastness of the scenic lawn.


This walkout deck with delicious caramel wood floors offers an expansive living area with black wrought iron seats, a marble top coffee table, and a fire pit surrounded by raised chairs of iron and woven plastic. The sleek lines are mirrored by the screen fencing, perfectly showcasing the stunning mountain view.


The natural faded gray shade of the wood is strikingly complemented by rich shades of the Balinese style furniture set. This resort style open deck sits in the middle of lush landscaping, is decked out with two lounge areas, and is bordered by tropical plants and a small pond.


Another expansive walkout deck with a light gray surface on a patio of gravel and carefully placed lawn plants. A mix of swivel and stationary chairs form a dining area toward the steps, and a hefty grill sits next to the door.


This suburban home maximizes the exterior with a raised sundeck in a refreshing golden stain, and steps adorned with gold plated fasteners. The platform is fenced and features black metal chairs with a light orange umbrella.


This charming countryside home has both a roofed porch and a raised deck. Wrought iron chairs are strewn throughout both areas, decorated with a medley of potted plants.


A simple and fun open deck with Jacuzzi attached to a red house. The backyard shares its space with a wide lawn and beautifully maintained evergreens.


It’s a clean slate for this sundeck in cool white. The space is big enough for a sitting area and grill, and small enough to fit with the lovely tiered landscaping.


This walkout deck in is the entryway to a pretty lawn and features two levels. Green colored steel seats are gathered around a round table of the same shade, under a bright blue umbrella.


Here’s a front yard with a shabby-chic open deck in white. Bright lime green seats form a small dining area, and dainty flower pots in different sizes lend their cheery colors to the space.


Take outdoor living design to a higher level with a composite wooden deck, like this one in washed umber. The lower level is a walkout featuring two benches, and the fenced top level holds a mini-living area in white.


This stunning balcony juts out to be among breathtaking trees. Floors are made of weathered pine planks, with mesh railings inframed in white. A combination of wicker and steel furniture form an amply sized sitting area next to a patio heater.


A modern home with bold lines in a neutral palette opens its wide door to an equally contemporary sundeck. The wood floors and yard fencing are deep sand in color. Everything is truly minimalistic, from the furniture to the bamboo plants.


Here’s another refreshing whitewashed deck with an embedded hot tub. The mint green of the umbrella stands out amid the white lounge chairs.


Synthetic turfs are a nifty way to protect and introduce color to an outdoor living space. Here it lies under a simple mini dining set, and is bordered in bright ochre railings.


This beautiful brick house features a walkout in a natural wood tone. Sleek black furniture dressed in colorful fabric tops off the space.


Plenty of space to chill out or party in this beige wraparound deck. Wooden chairs in shades of white and brown are furnished in vivid colors, reflecting the brightness of the surrounding landscape.


This angle of the same beige deck shows a minimalistic theme seen in the khaki covered seats.


This wooden pavilion is set in an incredible landscape reminiscent of summer getaways. A fine massage bed sits in the middle of a shady gazebo.


Here’s an upscale penthouse deck with bespoke wooden flooring attached to the bar. A shiny, hefty pergola stands on squared green grass in the middle. A chic hammock with throw pillows hangs from the posts, perfect to catch a breeze in the urban skyline.


This is the largest and arguably most stunning setup in this collection. Not only is the warm-toned deck spacious enough for restaurant dining, it also has an overlooking view 180-degree view of crystal blue waters.


The L-shape design of this home makes way for a perfectly square open deck. A simple but chic living set is placed under a tree, giving the area enough shade throughout the day.


Lovely, lush gardens are not complete without an outdoor living area. Here, we have a layered deck in natural wood. One corner houses a dining set under a small gazebo with colorful plants hung around it, and another corner features two lounge chairs next to a tiny pond.


This deck and patio combo is made effortlessly unique with bright hues of blue and green. The ground is paved with stone bricks, and the wood stained in a wash of sienna.


Here we have a large balcony with wood planks in a deep umber tone. The space is fenced in white railings, and includes a simple wicker dining set in tan.


This raised offers a lush view of the woods and a living area to dine or relax. The combination of rich Maple wood floors and crisp white railing gives the deck countryside appeal.


A long and elegant balcony overlooking a lake. The walkout deck is framed in sleek white mesh panels, with floors stained in warm brown, mirroring hues of the interior flooring. A teak dining set is placed on the end with the best view, perfect for entertaining.