Friday , July 19 2024

51 Beautiful and Functional Small Bathrooms

How we feel about our bathrooms is a funny one. They’re not the most glamorous room of any home, but they do provide very important functions and we can spend a lot of our time in there polishing and preening, so it’s certainly worth investing in some fantastic bathroom interior design to turn our bathrooms into spaces we love and can relax in.

With any bathroom, planning is crucial because of the number of appliances. Heating, water, electricity, and lighting are all very important elements that need to be installed before we even begin decorating, and depending on the architecture of our homes, we also need to consider ventilation and air conditioning. It seems very boring, but these are the factors that will result in a fully functioning bathroom that meets your needs and more. Once the functions are agreed, it’s time to have some fun and begin sourcing appliances and looking for interior design inspiration.

More challenges arise, however, when you have a particularly small bathroom or water closet to decorate. The first challenge, is prioritizing your appliances and deciding what’s necessary and what is not. Is a bath a truly crucial appliance when you have a shower? Do you need two sinks and a wall-mounted heated towel rail? These are questions you need to ask yourself when decorating your small bathroom. The layout is important and it might take a few times to work out the best layout for access and that helps you get more inside your room, but once you get there you can go ahead with the fun part; decorating!

For many people, the bathroom is a space away from the rest of the home where they can be really fun, and step away from more conservative and neutral interior design. Bold prints and colors feature heavily, and we use the space as a room to really showcase our own personalities and personal tastes. For other people, bathroom interior design is a space to keep fuss-free and clinical, using lots of white colors, clean lines, and modern shapes. It matches the room’s function, but also fits into the contemporary minimal trend. Other popular small bathroom trends are using cooler colors like blues and greens that are subtle, inoffensive, but have useful calming, cooling, and relaxing properties right where we need them.

In the design stages, you should also consider the uses of your bathroom. Is it an en suite where relaxation and privacy is paramount, a small water closet to the side of a major living or dining room that is a simple convenience for guests, or the master bathroom in your home to be used by both you and the children? Whatever the purpose, you should consider how your appliances dictate this, and your decor. An en suite bathroom is the perfect opportunity to be slightly selfish in your design tastes and your appliances, for example a whirlpool bath for relaxation and bolder colors. For a traditional ground floor WC, a simple and inoffensive design theme in neutral colors might work best.

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to decorate your own small bathroom, look no further than these gorgeous examples covering wide range of styles and trends:


Old fashioned glamour

This pink bathroom has everything needed to exude glamour in a small space: metallic and ornate wallpaper, a huge radiator for impact and comfort, decorative white appliances that stand out and a sleek wooden floor. Although it’s small, the size of the room has been embraced and these designers haven’t let the size of the room limit the amount of personality they could cram into the design.


Contemporary disco

With a carefully thought-out layout, this ultra-modern bathroom uses interesting spotlights and an aquarium to cheat the size of the room and add extravagance and extreme contemporary style. It’s not for the feint-hearted, but this room oozes modern style.


Rich color accents

Color can be daunting, especially if you’re hoping to make your small bathroom appear larger than it is. Take inspiration from this quirky little bathroom which has stuck to a neutral palette, but added one huge splash of deep red to bring fun and standout color without sacrificing the size of the room.


Fairy tale bathroom

Using a nontraditional shaped and sized bathtub so that it could fit, this bathroom uses neutral colors with splashes of metallic and reflective surfaces for a classic ‘fairytale’ feeling that makes a fantastic space for relaxing, pampering, and getting away from it all.


Modern corner shower

Corner shower units began their life as a plastic and cheap alternative to built-in showers and bathtubs, saving people space and money. We have moved on since, however, and curved shower units like this act as smaller wet rooms that look minimal and modern, replace the need for a bathtub in smaller bathrooms but maintain a modern and stylish feel.


Color crazy

The designers of this bathroom decided they wanted color and lots of it. No holding back, they’ve managed to achieve a funky seventies look by color blocking pastel and muted tones of primary and secondary colors using kitsch ceramic tiles.


Wall mounted sink

Here we have a pretty traditional small bathroom. By far it’s not the most modern we have seen, but the trendy wall mounted sink does a lot to make the room appear larger than it is. Mounting the sink to the wall and not having a pillar that sits on the ground gives us the illusion that there is more floor space available. Although it’s impractical to use the spare space, it makes the room appear and feel larger.


Tall luminosity

A very simple and elegant bathroom but with clear limitations on space, this bathroom has cleverly wall mounted two very important light fittings above the appliances and very close to the wall. Not only does this provide lighting where it’s most needed, but it makes the room feel both taller and longer.



One of the oldest tricks in the book, this bathroom has added a simple and large mirror to one wall, which simply mirrors the light bathroom, reflects any light and makes the room feel twice as large as it is. The marble surfaces look fantastic and reflect the light, bringing luxury and extra space to the room.


Personality rules

This gorgeous and unique bathroom has mixed two very important elements of designing small bathrooms; personality in the ornate and unusual storage, and clever tricks like a large mirror and horizontal line of tiles to make the room feel taller and wider.


Got the blues

Blue is a fantastic calming color and it’s relation to water makes it a great match for bathrooms. It’s important you get the right shade though as something too bold could upset your color palette and your eyes if you prefer a neutral tone. This very cool blue grey color looks like the perfect choice for a small bathroom. Soft and subtle so that the room’s simplicity can shine, but enough color that the room has its own personality.


Seaside style

Water…the ocean…seaside. It’s an easy link to make, and one that has led to a real trend for seaside style in bathrooms. Soft wood paneling, running bond tiles and ocean tones of blue, green, and white, make the style very cool, quirky, and calming.