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45 Luxury Bathrooms to Inspire Your Home Renovation Plans

The bathroom is a necessary part of life but it doesn’t have to look like an afterthought. Even small bathroom spaces can be inspiring, beautiful additions to any home. With these tricks and tips for designing a luxury bathroom – regardless of your budget – you won’t have any excuse to put off your home renovation plans any longer.

The following 45 photos of luxury bathrooms range from small to large spaces. Many of the highlights in these bathrooms are the design or renovation styles that bring uniqueness and beauty to the space. Bold or antique wallpaper is one of the simplest design choices, which also happen to be extremely cost efficient. In many of these bathrooms, the main feature is the tile – whether it is the floor tile, the tile that surrounds the bathtub, or shower tile. Cabinets also make or break the bathroom. The color and style of the cabinets compliment the other features of the room to bring about the natural beauty of the room.

There are many styles and design choices to choose from. Take a look at the following images to start planning your next, great bathroom renovation.

Glass shower, bold, black bathtub, and exquisite floor-to-ceiling tiles

Glass shower, bold, black bathtub, and exquisite floor-to-ceiling tiles – this bathroom screams luxury.

Large bathroom in luxury home with two sinks, tile floors, fancy cabinets, large mirrors, and bathtub

Use white as your primary color for bathroom décor. These white cabinets, off-white walls and white-framed mirrors create a beautiful, bright space.


If you have lots of space, try using a dark paint on the walls to create a dramatic, expensive looking bathroom.


Warm tones can enhance the look of any bathroom, regardless of space. These stained cabinets and matching window fixtures create the image of privacy and luxury.


Go for the classic look by adding dark-wood cabinets, a marbled bath, mirrors, sheer curtains.


The beautiful stone pillars in this bathroom elegantly frame the bathtub and match the cream-colored floor tiles.

Luxury bathroom interior

Mirrors are a simple way to enhance the look of any bathroom––they create the illusion of extra space while adding style and elegance.


If you enjoy the warm tones of this bathroom, try adding light yellow wall paint.


Dramatic and bold, this bathroom uses dark marble for around the bathtub, as well as for the full standup shower.


This elegantly styled bathroom uses an old-fashioned tub as the focal point of the room. Combined with the soft, rose-colored shower and dramatic curtains, this space is both bold and elegant.


Create the elegant space you desire with a corner-style bathtub, surrounded by large windows.


This beautiful bathroom has a full, floor-to-ceiling glass shower, beautifully surrounded by marble and elegantly styled wallpaper.


The unique qualities of this bathroom are easily replicated: use a beautiful, ornate wallpaper to create the feeling of elegance, combined with a matching rug and some drapes for the windows.


Strikingly dark and elegant, this bathroom uses a dark marble on the countertops, the bathtub, and the floor.


Elegant, vintage wallpaper is the perfect contrast to this dark and intricately marbled bathtub.


This caramel-colored bathroom is warm and welcoming. The stand-alone bathtub is the highlight of this room, framed by a beautiful glass partition between rooms.


If you have a small bathroom, make use of your windows and natural light. This well-lit bathroom is bright and cheerful, aided by the windows and the opposing double mirrors.


Warm, bright, and elegant, this amber-colored bathroom is notable for its stand-alone bathtub.


White is the color of elegance, as proven with this bathroom. Classic and beautiful, this space employs delicate white marble, white floor tiles, and a floor-to-ceiling glass shower.



The unique layout of this bathroom is enhanced by the long gold, drapes and pillows, which surround the sheer, white bathtub.


Rich, dark-stained cabinets and a pure, white bathtub, surrounded by curved windows, provide the perfect, beautiful space.



The standup shower is tiled with dark green and black tiles and finished with a glass door. If you’re looking for a luxurious bathroom, look no further.



Looking for elegant but simple? Try using a patterned floor tile, like this bathroom: polka-dotted floor and elegant light fixtures.




Rich, dark cabinets are always the perfect contrast to a cream-colored floor and wall paint. It draws the eye to the beauty of the cabinets without making the room feel too small.



Black and bold––this bathroom uses black tiles for the floor, the step and the tub. To create the feeling of more space, the room is surrounded by mirrors.




The beauty of this bathroom comes from the interesting mosaic pattern of the tile, which surrounds the bathtub. Combined with the tiled backdrop and beautiful fireplace, this bathroom is cozy and elegant.



Light green is a choice used by those hoping for a vintage look and style for their bathroom. Combined with cream-colored fixtures and floor tiles, this bathroom is elegant and traditional.



This spacious bathroom is accented by red wood and red décor, but the real highlight is the upraised bathtub, framed by white pillars.



The intricate tile of this bathroom is used not only behind the sinks, but to surround the entire room.




Arched ceilings, white pillars, marble steps, and luxurious windows: this bathroom is classic and welcoming.



White glass showers and tiled floors are always a plus, but the real beauty of this bathroom comes from the vintage-styled cabinets and ornate, paneled design of the doors and drawers.




Huge windows and high, upraised ceilings, this bathroom is full of beautiful, natural light. The whiteness of the floors and bathtub also create that look of clean, natural beauty.



Use an ornate, hanging chandelier to enhance the look of your bathroom without going over budget. If you’re looking for a classic, Victorian look for your space, it’s the perfect addition.



This bathroom space is small, but full of storage space. Large mirrors give the illusion of a larger bathroom, while the stand-alone bathtub provides an expensive-looking addition to an otherwise small space.



For added dramatic flair, try using a stained-glass window to add to the look of the bathroom without much renovation or remodeling needed.



The dusty rose bathtub and sink are warm and girlish, while the black and white curtains provide a dramatic pop of color to the softness of the bathroom.


Coffee-colored cabinets and doors are always a classic, no-regret option for bathroom colors. This bathroom combines warm brown with a light grey and white floor tile.



Paneled, green walls and a huge, white-curtained bathtub are only two of the more obvious qualities of this bathroom. Unique and fun, this space is full of interesting colors and patterns.


White cabinets are a safe choice for any room, but if you want additional color, try a patterned rug or drapes for extra flare.



This bathtub is nestled within a small extension of the bathroom, covered by a dramatically slanting rooftop with glamorous pot lighting.



Warm lighting and soft, rose tiled floors give the feeling of comfort and security, despite fact that the bathroom is large and spacious.



Dramatic and bold, this bathroom uses ornate, vintage style wallpaper and a vintage, claw-footed bathtub. Gold fixtures and accent pieces add to the old fashion style of the room.


elegance design bathroom, elegance design, bathroom

In this bathroom, the tub is, quite literally, the centerpiece. This walk-around bathroom is nestled between to, large pillars and covered with a stone-colored tile.



Beautiful, antique cabinetry and taupe décor, this bathroom is classic, warm, and welcoming, all at once.



Classic but modern, this bathroom has a dramatic, bold chandelier hanging from the center of the bathroom, a glass shower, and dark cabinetry.