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42 Gorgeous In-Ground Pool Ideas

With the heat of the summer everyone is looking for a way to cool off. These luxurious swimming pools offer a stylish cool down spot. From simple rectangle pools to large extravagant curving pools there is certain to be one for everyone’s style. In-ground pools not only offer a great spot to cool down they often have ample space to entertain guests or to just hang out with friends.

Owning any type of pool provides many benefits to families. Swimming helps with both mental and physical health. Instead of taking your family to the local pool where everyone’s germs are you can just sit in your backyard in peace knowing that you cleaned the pool and do not have to worry about any disease causing bacteria that a public pool might have.

In-ground pools add value to any home and are less maintenance than an above ground pool. In-ground pools are very durable and they are more aesthetically pleasing than an above ground pool. These in-ground pools are very customizable from the type of finish used to the size and shape. Some pools can even have waterfalls, slides, or diving boards if they are wanted. A great way that many people accent their in-ground pool is by beautiful landscaping around it which compliments the in-ground pools.


Here we have a simple rectangular pool that has a slide attached and plenty of patio space for lounging or entertaining. This in-ground pool is accented greatly by the natural forest around it and the beautiful landscaping that has been done.





A midnight oasis is the feel of this in-ground pool. Accented with outdoor lights and a beautiful waterfall this pool is certain to be the talk of the neighborhood. This in-ground pool features natural curves which help to accent the dazzling stone wall.



Lounging and being in the water at the same time is what this pool offers. A stone ledge made just for relaxing has been designed into this pool. This makes it a great place to stay cool in the summer while enjoying the relaxing sound of the waterfall made out of stone. This in-ground pool features a beautiful view to enjoy while relaxing or entertaining guests.




Simple curves and natural tones make this a stylish place to entertain family and friends. The tile floor and walls create a beautiful contrast in colors while keeping this pool looking simple but elegant. Lounging here there is a beautiful view of the sunset every evening for family and friends to enjoy.



This pool features an in-ground hot tub built right into the in-ground pool. The dark tones used for the stone tile around this pool help accent it around the landscape, which makes it a great statement piece. Whether relaxing or entertaining this in-ground pool offers elegance and clean lines all in one.



The design for this in-ground pool brings cohesiveness throughout the patio by using the same stone for the ground as for fire pit and waterfalls. This provides a great place to relax or entertain while listening to the waterfalls.



This in-ground pool has been made to feel like a tropical backyard. The light colors and tropical landscaping this pool is sure to feel like a backyard retreat. This pool offers a nice place to lounge and while still being in the water.



Whether entertaining large groups of people or just relaxing by one’s self this is the perfect place to be. With a beautiful screened in enclosure to keep away bugs while entertaining this in-ground pool offers charm while still being very functional. This in-ground pool features a beautiful waterfall and simple curved lines that make it very aesthetically pleasing.



Simple and beautiful could easily describe this backyard getaway. Light colors and palm trees accent this beautiful in-ground pool. The natural wood pergola provides shade while entertaining guests or relaxing with family.




Aqua blues with hints of sapphire make this pool a masterpiece. With large simple curves and plenty of patio space this is an in-ground pool that most everyone would be happy to own. The large shrubs and trees used in this backyard help to provide privacy for the homeowner and guests while entertaining or relaxing next to their beautiful pool.


View of the previous pool from a different angle: The bright luxurious landscape surrounding this beautiful in-ground pool makes it feel grandeur.


Tropical paradise is seen in this photo. With a pool that overlooks a small lake and a beautiful view this is an in-ground pool that speaks elegance and dignity. With clean lines and light colors this in-ground pool is a great place to entertain in style.



The deep blue color used for this pool makes it feel like taking a step into a small piece of the ocean. This in-ground pool offers plenty of patio space and a backyard kitchen to entertain and relax with family and friends. The dark slate colors of this patio make this backyard feel rich and deep with color.




In-ground pools are completely customizable as seen with this pool. Irregular curves make this pool a one of a kind piece. The landscaping has been design to accent this pool incredibly well making it feel elegant and beautiful.



An interesting twist to a rectangle pool is seen here. By adding a few angles and a few extra lines this in-ground pool has been turned into a unique piece. Beautiful landscaping has been done to accent this stylish in-ground pool.



This in-ground pool features a built-in hot tub for relaxing while entertaining in style. This backyard would make a great adult or family getaway for years. The beautiful stone work in the patio gives this pool more originality by featuring stones of unique sizes and shapes that no one would be able to replicate.



This simple but elegant backyard pool features alluring landscaping and a nice shaded area to lounge and relax. The stone is accented wonderfully with white lines around the in-ground pool which make it grand looking.




This beautiful in-ground pool shows elegance and grandeur when looked upon. It provides a great place to entertain family and friends while feeling very relaxed. The accessories placed around this pool add to the feeling of elegance and luxury.



This in-ground pool is accented wonderfully by terra cotta tile work. A nice shaded area on the patio provides a great place to relax before or after enjoying this beautiful but simple pool. The shrubs used around this pool help with privacy and make it feel even more tropical than having just a few palm trees around the home.



River-like in looks this large in-ground pool makes it feel like living in a tropical rain forest on a river, but with all of the amenities of the present day. The waterfalls created by the elegant basins create a feel of luxury for this in-ground pool.



This one of a kind in-ground pool features a deep sapphire blue that accents the green landscaping beautifully. Lounging here provides a serene getaway for everyone while enjoying the elegant view.



This simple backyard in-ground pool shows that you do not need a huge backyard to have a nice sized in-ground pool. This pool offers a great place for family and friends to cool off during the heat of the summer, while up on the deck there is a great place to entertain guests or to just enjoy a family dinner.

Backyard swimming pool and patio

The simple curved lines of this pool provide a relaxing aura for anyone who is lounging and relaxing here.


Small in size compared to many of the in-ground pools seen this pool lacks nothing in elegance and beauty. Offering plenty of patio space to entertain and relax while still featuring a place to cool off with family and friends this pool lacks nothing.



The slate stone used for the patio for this in-ground pool help accent this dazzling pool. The light of the tiki torches provides a homely feel to this pool while still keeping it elegant and beautiful.



There is nothing better than soaking in a hot tub while listening to a beautiful waterfall to relax. This luxurious in-ground pool offers a stylish circle hot tub carved right into the pool making it feel as one piece of work. The landscaping around this pool makes it feel tropical and dazzling.



This simple but stylish pool features a hot tub area at one end along with a nice fireplace to entertain family and friends while staying warm. This backyard oasis would fit nicely for any family to enjoy.




This is a view from the fire pit area of the in-ground pool in the previous photo. It shows how much more beautiful the landscaping all around this home is.



This grandeur in-ground pool offers a luxurious place to relax while enjoying a beautiful mountainside view. The landscaping next to this in-ground pool help make it a unique and dazzling piece that anyone could enjoy.



This elegant backyard features a beautiful home that overlooks a dazzling in-ground pool suitable for anyone looking to relax or entertain a group of guests.



This beautiful home offers a luxurious view of a one-of-a-kind in-ground pool with straight lines used to create a large dazzling place to entertain. To the side of the home there is a beautiful area created by the landscaping and pillars for relaxing and entertaining family and guests.



This simple backyard pool features a slide for children to play on, and a hot tub for adults and children alike to relax while enjoying the beautiful forest view offered by this dazzling location.



This backyard in-ground pool shows that no matter where a person lives they can still have a nice durable in-ground pool. The unique design of this pool is sure to dazzle any guest that you entertain.



The shrubs and trees used in this backyard help to create a private family environment while still complimenting the beautiful but simple in-ground pool. This backyard offers a perfect place to bond with family and friends or to entertain guests.



This grandeur in-ground pool offers a peaceful place to relax under the pergola while listening to the trio of waterfalls. The landscaping used around this pool adds to the feeling of elegance created by the beautiful architecture.



This simple in-ground pool offers a great place to relax and entertain guests while enjoying the outdoors. The landscaping around this pool provides privacy while adding to the outdoor feeling of this in-ground pool.



Stone backyard patios add a unique feel to this in-ground pool while featuring dazzling accessories that accent this pool wonderfully. This pool features a slide looking over a rock wall into the pool for children and adults alike to enjoy.



This simple in-ground pool features an octagon shape that provides ample space around the pool to entertain family and friends, while enjoying the forest that naturally occurs in this location.



This simple but elegant in-ground pool features beautiful landscaping that makes the pool dazzlingly stand out. This pool offers plenty of space to entertain while relaxing.



The architecture designed around this in-ground pool helps to enhance the tropical feel provided by the naturally occurring palm trees in this location. This beautiful in-ground pool features an in-pool sitting and entertaining area with a shaded area to protect from the sun.



The dazzling blue of this in-ground pool is accented wonderfully by the natural tones in the stone for the patio. This in-ground pool features a beautiful place to sit and relax while enjoying the waterfall.



This modern style pool features a very minimalist design while still being very functional and beautiful. The shrubs around this pool help to maintain privacy for this homeowner.



This luxurious in-ground pool features a beautiful patio area for entertaining guests or just relaxing with family and friends. The natural rocks used around this pool help to give it a gorgeous design.



A built-in slide is a feature of this dazzling in-ground pool. The rock walls and fire pit bring about a tropical feel to this in-ground pool. The deep sapphire color of the water adds a relaxing tone to this pool environment.