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45 Styling Tricks for Small Living Rooms

Deceit can be a very bad thing. But when it comes to small living rooms, you need every trick in the book to create an optical illusion of a larger space. Maximizing an area depends in understanding what shapes and angles fit well together without sacrificing comfort. Sizing and proportion are essentials.

In this collection of dens and living spaces, we highlight the best of the best in expanding space with colors, lines and textiles.

There are many ways in expressing individuality by adding interesting pieces as accessories, or functional fixtures. Take your pick from the timeless traditional or modern minimalist designs, and everything in between. Whatever the case, the most important thing in designing a living room is to keep it comfortable and easy on the eyes, emphasizing the word “living”. A cozy space will not only be a hit to the homeowner, but also to guests.

Be ready to entertain more often, because designs as gorgeous as these are sure to make anyone hang around longer.


Mixing neutral colors with bright hues gives a fresh, inviting look to your living space. The colorful couches and pillows pop out and add a vibrant touch to the sleek wooden floors and white furniture. The chairs are set up in a way that is private even in a very open space making it perfectly cozy.


Stripes and swirls work perfectly well in this stylish setup. White walls and black furniture are never dull when paired with different shades of purple on the rug and drapes with pillows to match. The low center table is large enough for teatime or board games.


Splurge on seating if you want an expansive living space like this one. Pastel green and floral prints on a couple of hefty couches blend well into the more traditional furniture and dark hardwood floors making this a charming living area. The large windows allow ample sunlight making the interior appear larger and more welcoming.


Colorful nature artwork on a basic white wall turns this simple nook into a surprisingly cozy living space. The open shelving is a great idea for books and novelty ornaments that complement the rest of the furniture and the splash of bright purple gives a youthful touch to the whole set.


This majestic living area highlight the class of the taupe and brown combination. This elegant wall treatment gives a nice coordination with the large leather sofa set that matches the rug and the table. Lighting is definitely a key element when it comes to creating a pleasing indoor environment like this.


For a crisp minimalist look, assemble light wooden furniture with decorative frames that match the lines and angles on the wall and the floor. The beige couch and cappuccino colored wicker table complements the Japanese mat and watercolor painting giving this space a clean and peaceful vibe.


A sectional sofa like this could be the star in your living room. Matched with lime green and striped pillows, it looks fantastic against a tan painted wall with graphic frames, and dramatic lights that set the mood for the entire living space.


The simplicity of an all-white living room is unrivaled. A large white modern sofa beautifully complements a chic Victorian chair on polished oak floor. The slight variations of ivory and blush keep this room from looking clinical.


Modern yet refined, this living space has classic furniture and contemporary style rolled into one. The cool blue carpet is eye-catching and the folding screen art piece is definitely a bold statement in a sea of cream and peach themed furniture and walls.


A tiny space like this is an opportunity to pick the most basic pieces and make it work. This compact yet comfortable sofa set fits perfectly alongside light wooden furniture. The sheer and airy curtains and cream walls create openness as well.


High ceilings and wall detailing such as in this room never fail to give a spacious look to small areas like this one. The apricot colored walls go well with the heather gray sofa set and light wooden cabinets creating an open, straightforward look to this living room.


For those who want a classic yet stylish living room, a bold red leatherette couch and funky throw pillows against stark white walls without any frills will do the trick. Flat screen television and crisp white blinds optional.


Another trick to introduce drama to white walls and furniture: purples, yellows, pretty stripes and matching fluffy rug (and dog) and table runners.


Unique pieces are great additions that will make a simple living room like this special. The stack of dark wooden treasure chests and large framed photographs adds character to this elegant space.


A large couch like this velvety sand colored one could still work in a small living space with a touch of intricately designed area rug over an off-white carpet. Decorative plants and vintage décor add a natural touch to this whole setup.


A beautiful way to spice up a solid white room is this stunning coral wall color. The contrasting couches and colorful pillows are anything but basic, as they match with the artwork and furniture effortlessly.


This living area may be small but is not limited to just that. With fresh lime and white walls and ample seating, there is room for a personal study and office corner. Talk about maximizing!


Nothing is quite like this rock star themed living room. The huge framed artwork definitely steals the show amidst the minimalistic shiny black furniture and gray couches.


Floral patterns and yellows make a sunny and inviting living space with simple furniture and extra lounge seating. The right amount of lighting enhances this room in a homey way. The orange-striped shutters are a great trick to make the room appear taller.


This living room is luxurious and timeless with decorated wall panels and layered ceiling. Livid blue-gray and contrasting golden hues lend a royal touch to this whole setup accessorized with a velvety sofa set and chandelier.


A cozy interior is what makes this room relaxing. The interesting mix of stripe and floral prints, along with a low dark wood table blends perfectly with the cream rug.


Decorative wallpaper is in style in this sophisticated living room with graphic sofas adorned with color coordinated pillows. Colorful stained glass lamps and a striped lounge chair add a twist to this already classy setting.


Keeping the color scheme light and monochromatic is a great way to expand the appearance of the room. The low-contrast brown wallpaper works impressively in this living space matched with furniture, and accessories in the same color family.


Another brown theme that works wonderfully with white and stripes, this room is such a tiny space but is magnified with an adjacent mirrored wall that definitely accentuates the room’s features.


Flat and shiny tables and sizeable seating complement each other in this small space that creates a comfortable living area. A mild contrast is created by the beige walls against the coffee colored fabrics.


Light ochre walls and hickory flooring are visually appealing backdrops to the white leather sofa set and stainless steel and leather chairs. The combination of sheer and heavy drapes with the symmetrical frames on the wall adds stylish color to this entire room.


When you only have one corner to work with, make it pop with soft matcha green seating and a bold rug. A small space has so much potential to be a cozy living nook with the right pieces with the right furniture.


Another example of a nook turned living area is this one with an adorable white and red leather sofa and two-toned rug. An elegant glass center table completes the ensemble.


Good positioning is key in this tiny but spanking living space. The sleek glass tabletop and TV stand is a great accent to the classic white seating.


The rustic oak furniture is a lovely touch to this neutral themed room. The lines on the flat woven rug reflect the crisp lines of the tabletops and the trimming of the French seat and the TV stand. The vase of white flowers adds a womanly touch to an otherwise masculine room.


Black leather couch sets, shiny black counters and open shelving on hardwood floors give this modern living space such a clean and clutter-free look that makes ideal for receiving and entertaining guests. Keep it interesting by adding your choice of color which in this room’s case is timeless red.


Leather and fabric upholstery in white and moss green grace this room with fresh yellow walls. The embedded lighting on the ceiling adds a dramatic flair on top, while rug adds quirkiness on the bottom.


Traditional country style living rooms like this are popular amongst large houses but can also work in small ones. Similar shades of wooden furniture accentuate the comfortable fitted sofas with embroidered pillows and a fancy chandelier completes this whole look.


This all white living area definitely rules in the monochrome department with the ultra-chic and contemporary seating, modern art pieces and shiny white tables and shelves. A polygon versus sphere theme is apparent in the choice of fixtures.



The simple warm toned furniture in this room is on point. Stainless steel side and center tables complement the luxurious lamps and the plush rug just makes it cozier than it already is.



Guests will feast their eyes on these colorful large print artworks against steel blue walls. Chairs and pillows in yellow and green is an exciting contrast to the entire room making it an eclectic but sophisticated area.



With a suspended fireplace, curved lights, and a quilt-printed rug, this is a dream living space design for most people. The sectional sofas sit comfortably on dark tiled floor. The variety of whites and grays extend out to the patio.



The detailed ceiling of this room creates an illusion of wide, open space while the lights add more drama. On warm toned flooring is a faux cowhide rug, a delightful detail and contrast to the teal blue upholstered seating. Touches of gold grace the main wall, drapes and accessories.


Light colored rooms are great canvas to patterned carpets as seen here. The graphic pattern is echoed by the cool divider, which gives individuality to the space. Cream and fawn definitely complement with the bone colored upholstery of the seats. Uniqueness abounds in the chandelier, lamps and colorful painting.



Wallpaper is a great focal point to a simple living area and in this case, a Victorian design makes it even more sophisticated. The same style is seen on the curtains and throw pillows adding a nice accent to the white fabric seating on dark wooden furniture.


Wicker is winning and not just for outdoor seating but for the living room as well. This caramel colored finish matches dark brown and white throw pillows and mid grey rug which gives life to the white walls and bare windows. A lovely paper lantern hangs in the center to complete this Zen-like arrangement.


Another way to use wicker furniture is to accent a classic white couch. The white cabinets are great for storage, while potted plants and a mix of rich browns add a personal touch this simple arrangement.


Adding personality to this simple living room is easy with vibrant pillows of orange, green and scarlet. The caramel drapery matches the hardwood floors. The repurposed wood center table adds even more character.

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A room that has uneven walls may be challenging to design but this whole area is maximized and looks even more spacious. A contrasting dark against light neutral color scheme is apparent in the dark gray hardwood flooring which lends a classy base to leather seating and white open shelves.


When living rooms are connected to the dining area like this one, tie them together in thoughtfully arranged sections. The pink and cream color combination is a hit and it creates a welcoming atmosphere to the entire space.