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55 Stunning Bedrooms with Fireplaces

A bedroom isn’t the most traditional or popular choice for adding a fireplace, but we’re seeing more and more people opt to add a source of light and warmth to their bedrooms instead of or alongside the fireplace in their living rooms.

By bringing extra warmth and light into the room, a fireplace will bring more cosiness and comfort into a bedroom, and makes it a more desirable place to spend time and snuggle up, especially during colder winter months.

Fireplaces can be bought to fit almost any colour or design scheme. There’s much more available now than the traditional stone chimney places with coal fires (which are still beautiful to this day), as people are demanding more minimal, modern, and unique options. And here are 55 stunning bedrooms that have found the perfect match by adding a fireplace:


White is a subtle shade, but placing a white glossy fireplace in a room of brown and cream palettes with lots of texture gives the room a subtle modern feature that ‘pops’.



Bigger suite-like bedrooms need extra light and warmth to fill the larger space and make the room, which has many functions, feel like an escape from the rest of the home. A fully-functioning fire with a bold fireplace will give a traditional bedroom a cosy feel.



Adding a small fire that doesn’t disrupt the lines or colour scheme of your home will give an edge to any minimal bedroom.



As demands grow with the popularity of bedroom fireplaces, more unusual and unique options are becoming available. This custom built fireplace makes the most of the room’s shape and can be enjoyed from anywhere in the large bedroom suite.



Most traditional fire places take on a square or almost-square shape and that has continued for decades. Be unusual with a wide and short fire place like this one, which looks stylish and makes an impact in a large room.



If your room manages to capture enough natural light and heat, a fire place might not be a great functional addition to the room, but it will make an interesting and alternative feature on larger walls.



We often think as the main purpose of a fireplace as warmth, and light as a secondary or bonus feature. Adding a fireplace can actually be a very clever tool for adding more light to a large room with an imbalance of natural and artificial light.



Using a fireplace as a focal point in your bedroom doesn’t just add shape and texture to the room, but if you install a traditionally shaped fireplace setting you’ll get the same traditional charm that’s been enjoyed in living rooms for decades.



If you have already installed a fireplace in your bedroom, consider the surround as much as the frame and the fire. There is so much opportunity for adding colour or texture to your bedroom.



Natural stone fireplaces allow us to bring a piece of the outdoors into our homes. This fireplace was built for both summer and winter with large windows, and a corner fireplace.



The classic red brick fireplaces had their day a few years back and people began  to opt for very traditional stone surrounds, instead of modern and minimal looks. The red brick is having a renaissance now, and we love how it can warm up a bedroom.



A fireplace needn’t be built into the wall or have a full length chimney. This clever fireplace provides a shelf-like top that can store a television or any room ornaments.



The location of your fire is key to where it delivers warmth and it doesn’t need to be at the foot of your bed. IF you want warming up during the evenings, bring your fire closer to where you sleep and need it the most.



Art Deco became truly popular in the early 20th Century and its style resonates today. Fireplace frames with Art Deco frames are in many homes today and still a popular choice.



If you have a large bedroom it can be hard to create a luxury feel without a lot of monetary expense. Adding a fireplace can help achieve that elegant and glamorous feel. Adding a marble surround and an iron or steel ornate fireguard can help you achieve it.



Viewing this bedroom for another angle, we can see the light distribution from the lamp and the French doors. With the addition of the fireplace, the light can run across the entire room when lit.



Fireplaces aren’t only for larger bedrooms with space to spare. They can be a charming addition to a small and cosy bedroom like this one. The minimal frame takes up no unnecessary space but the fire itself makes an impact.



This fireplace is there to provide a decorative feature only, but it ties into the rest of the room beautifully by filling the entire height of the wall and matching the white colour palette of the ceiling coves.



Elegance is everything in this grand bedroom fit for royalty. The heavy and large marble fireplace surround adds drama and luxury, but the light colour and ornate pattern give it tradition and glamour.



The clever layout of this glamorous bedroom helps to tie the bed and the chaise longue together and help the room not feel separated or sparse.



If you install a fireplace into your bedroom for functional purposes or you’re left with the fireplace from previous owners, and you don’t want it to upset your room’s interior design too much, keep the shape minimal and match the colour to the wall behind it so the colour and shape don’t make too much of an impact.



If you want to make the most of your cold and wintery months, or you embrace living in a snowy climate, light cool tones can help create your own winter wonderland. Adding a fireplace into the mix will add cosiness and warmth so you can enjoy the winter landscape from your bed.



Do you use your bedroom as a place to sit, think, and relax? A fireplace across your bedroom seating area can add atmosphere and improve your relaxation space.



If you have the structure for a fireplace, you don’t necessarily need to have a fire. Use the shell of your fireplace to frame a favourite decoration or piece of furniture. It can make the piece feel larger than it is, and framing it will make it stand out.



Having a fire in the home is fantastic in the style stakes, as well as keeping your room light and warm. To protect yourself from naked flames, install a stylish fireguard which looks more like a design accessory than a safety feature.



Installing a fireplace to the opposite side of your bed gives you a fantastic transition from cool outdoors with light colours, and a warm indoor room with bright fiery tones.



Making your fireplace flush to your wall can give you much more floor space and encroach less on your design by not bringing any new lines or textures into the interior design of room.



Fireplaces make fantastic features in bedrooms where simplicity rules. This basic but stunning bedroom focuses on the functional pieces of the bedroom and minimal décor.



Giving your fireplace some height also gives it a platform to stand on and gives the fireplace a stage where it can stand out even more. The matching platform and fire surround diffuse the light for a glittering look which envelops the entire bedroom.



If you have a small or narrow bedroom, a short and wide fireplace can help to ‘stretch’ out the room’s shape and give the illusion of more width. This works especially well in tall rooms where you can afford to alter the perception of the room’s height.



This dark, thick, and bold fireplace is striking as the room’s key feature. It is beautiful in its boldness and brings warmth and excitement to a soft and light bedroom.



This bold contrasting fireplace acts as a mediator between the heavily patterned wallpaper and the cool and relaxing remainder of the bedroom. The fireplace matches the room’s colour palette, but it uses shape and calmness to break up pattern which could otherwise be overbearing in a small room.



Fill a large and empty room by extending and elongating your fireplace. This very wide and bold helps the bedroom to overcome any feelings of sparseness or emptiness, and we are left with a traditionally stunning bedroom. Large ornaments in front of the fire contribute to its impact.



If light and space is your thing, use your fireplace as a subtle addition to the room by matching the colour of the frame to the colour of your walls. This large fireplace looks almost hidden until you get closer up, when you can experience its true size and impact.



Islands aren’t design tools for kitchens only. Installing a chimney in the centre of your room is possible, and will allow you to separate areas of a larger bedroom and give you prime positioning of your fireplace and what you hang above it.



White is a powerful colour and an all-white bedroom will look inviting, crisp, and comforting. Why spoil that with a contrasting fireplace? This all white fireplace adds texture and shape to the bedroom, but the grand white fireplace matches the icy and stylish atmosphere of the room.



Make the most of your fireplace surround, like this one, by matching the colour of the hard fixtures to the soft furnishings of the room. Using a similar warm toned wood will also bring out the most of both colours.



The tall stone surround of this fire extends the effect of the fire to the entire wall and brings a natural and neutral feeling into the room. The red and beige colour palette creates drama and a feel of the great outdoors.



A diagonal fireplace will give the layout of your bedroom an unusual twist. Slightly offset from the bed and the windows and doors, it can add a quirky twist to a subtle and traditional bedroom.



This custom built fireplace is futuristic and comforting. It doesn’t upset the cream and black colour palette and brings an understated funky and fun twist to the contemporary bedroom.



This trapeze shaped fire surround mixes unusual and modern shapes with traditional neutral colours and natural materials. The clash between traditional minimalism and modernity follows suit throughout the whole room, where cool contrasts meeting ornate furniture.



In this very grand bedroom, the diagonally set fireplace doesn’t just give the room a unique shape, especially with the bay window, but the floor to ceiling marble feature is striking and makes a bigger impact than a traditional half height fireplace.



A higher mattress can limit your view of the fireplace and access to its heat. Lifting up your fireplace with a stage can bring the heat and light closer to you, and provide a cool platform for additional décor or plants.



We love how this grand fireplace setting stands out against the light and simplistic bedroom. The fireplace takes all the attention of the room, leaving the rest of the bedroom to look peaceful and airy.



A gold trim around the fireplace ties this large white feature to the rest of the elegant and luxurious bedroom. This trick works with any colour palette and framing the mouth of the fire will emphasise the fire.



The mouth of most fires is black as a default. If black interferes with your bedroom’s colour palette, covering the fire with a gorgeous and colourful fireguard can detract from that and turn the focus onto your bedroom’s choice of colour.



The rounded window area of this bedroom gives additional space to what would otherwise be a traditional rectangular room. The extra space light given to the room means that including a large and grand fireplace doesn’t limit the room’s available space.



This grand bedroom is also on the small size, but we still appreciate the room’s elegance and luxury. The fireplace is cleverly set into the wall so it doesn’t take any valuable floor space, but the ornate surround and vast size matches the room’s glamour.



This stunning fireplace has been built into a peninsula wall so that all sections of the space can benefit from the light and heat. Not only is it extremely functional, but the black frame, interesting shape and stone surround look stunning and match the traditional room décor.



This is a unique, modern, and contemporary bedroom fireplace that is like no other. The contrast between cream and black bring sophistication, order, and a harder style of interior design into the home.



Let your other bedroom features do the talking and not your fireplace by running a strict, continuous, and mellow colour theme throughout your bedroom.



Fireplaces don’t have to be focal points, they can be subdued and secret features. This al white fireplaces blends with the walls and is masked by the striking powder blue sofa.



The unusual shape of this fireplace matches the softer shapes of the cushions and the print on the bedcovers. The concave shape intrudes onto the bedroom to feel comfortable and full.



Create the fireplace that belongs in a fairy tale by giving it a grand frame and a dark and large entrance that almost looks big enough to crawl down. Reflective and natural surfaces add glamour and style to an intriguing feature.



A stylish way to make your fireplace look great and stand out is to mirror it with a wall hanging television. It’s popular to hang a television above the fireplace at the foot of your bed, so make the most of both features and match them in colour, size, and shape to create a modern mirror-effect.