Friday , July 19 2024

Landscaping & Gardening

37 Inspiring Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

One way to make an unforgettable entrance is with a landscaped front yard. Whether as part of the original construction or a later addition, the yard can be transformed into a stylish statement by adding the homeowner’s personal touch.This not only increases the property value, it also shows how well …

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45 Breathtaking Pergolas

Pergolas have become popular landscaping structures that date back to the Italian Renaissance. When they first came into existence, they were grand items of masonry, but now, they also include wood structures. Pergolas often have vines crawling up their support beams and offer pieces of shade during the hot, sunny …

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72 Inspiring Gazebos

Gazebos are open structures that are often round or have a hexagon or octagon shape. They generally feature dome-like roofs and sometimes have lattice work along the sides. They often sit somewhere that can offer a nice view while providing a bit of shade. Many even have seating and most …

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