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44 Cozy Living Rooms & Cabins with Beautiful Stone Fireplaces

At the end of a long day, all anyone wants is to relax. The living room should be a comfortable, inviting place that allows homeowners and guests to kick back and enjoy their time away from it all. There’s something about a stone fireplace that brings an element of beauty and sophistication into any room. Stone fireplaces vary as much as night and day. They can feature large or small stones, dark or light colors, regular patterns or asymmetry. A stone fireplace can bring a room together and can even be the centerpiece in terms of decoration.

Stone fireplaces can bring a number of feelings into a room. Since they have been around for centuries, they can give the room an old-world feeling. Choose the right stone and they can also appear quite modern. Some stone fireplaces make a room seem more like a cabin in the woods while others give a high-end, classy appearance.

When considering stone fireplaces, there are many things to think through. Look through these pictures to get ideas on style, coloring, and size. Cost is another item to think through when in the planning stages. Most of all, simply enjoy the cozy beauty that the stones bring into the living rooms.


This living area uses light colors to accentuate the space of the room. The light stones show the height of the room and the wide windows let in natural light. The pattern mixtures between the stripes and floral on the couched brings a cozy feeling into the room and the wooden floors and accent rugs give a finishing touch.



The contrasting wood ceiling and the high beams gives this living room a natural cabin look. The dark stone fireplace adds to the comfort and the mauve leather couches bring an air of style to this living room. Add accent candles and dim lights and this room is perfect for a number of occasions.



Rustic simplicity is the name of the game in this room. With large stones surrounding the fireplace and big logs along the ceiling, everything looks simple and natural. Add a weathered leather couch and chair and some accent pillows and personal decorations and the entire room comes together with ease.


Sometimes less is more and this living room proves that fact. The fireplace acts as a centerpiece with stones piled up from floor to ceiling. The color coordinates with the walls and mirrors the ceiling and the dark couch and chair accent the center of the room. The amount of space is evident with the sparse decorations.


Feel as if you are in the mountains, even if you aren’t with this living room design. The beautiful wood floors bring the outside in and the stone fireplace draws the eye with its chunky wood mantel. Dark leather is comfortable and inviting and contrasts the floor. Add a patterned rug and simple table and the mountain look is complete.



This living room allows an old world style in the modern day. The wall color brings a gold shimmer into the room and lightens the air while the antique chairs take guests back in time. The stones on the fireplace are even and lined up and the decorations, like the white patterned rug, beckon to an older era.



A rustic cabin meets a modern appeal in this living room. Bright walls contrast with the dark mottled stone fireplace and the knotty pine woodwork brings out the rustic appeal. The beautiful wood floor pops with different colors while the sofas blend in with a muted pattern. Add a deer horn chandelier and an actual mounted deer head and the look is both modern and rustic.



This look is fit for a king with dark stones highlighted by antique, highly decorative mirrors. Contrast that with white couches, red accent pillows, and a busy rug and the royal look takes over the room.



After a hard day at work, this symmetrical room is a great escape. With stones that fit into the wall, surrounded by cabinets that coordinate, nothing is out of order here. Comfortable seating and games distract guests from busy lives.



This living room is great for families of any size. The wood ceilings bring style into the room without sacrificing practicality. The open carpeted floor only stops around the fireplace where bricks and stones take over. The couches are on the outside of the room so they are accessible, yet out of the way.



When looking for a movie night or an evening of relaxation, this room beckons. The large leather couch seats plenty and the dark cherry wood floor brings out the colors in the red accented rug. The inviting marble and stone fireplace is broken up by the white mantel and the large TV finishes the look.



A throwback cabin living room brings an element of the old days to the forefront. With beautiful wood floors, a comfortable rug, suede couches, a stone fireplace with a log mantel, and even an old gas pump in the corner, this room has something to offer every eye.



The color in this room is the most evident item. The white river rock fireplace features accent stones while the monotone wood floor has a pop of color from the rug. The modern look continues with the odd couch shape and the intriguing artwork.


Modern elegance is abundant in this living room with only white furniture, which is echoed by the mirrored wall. With plenty of natural light, the light colored stone floor and fireplace stand out as accents.



Color contrasts give this room cozy appeal. The dark floor is opposite the light stone fireplace and wall. The dark colors continue into the couches and tables, but with large windows and contrasting walls, this room is never too dark.



Even smaller living rooms can look large with the right use of color. This room matches the stone fireplace to an adjacent couch while bringing in lighter colors with the chairs. The throw pillows bring out the colors in the wood floors and everything coordinates nicely and opens the room.



With a comfortable western style, the stone fireplace acts as a centerpiece for the leather couches. The two-story ceiling brings size to the room and the surrounding wooden built-ins give plenty of storage options.


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When walls and carpeting are similar in color, the furniture has to bring the tones into the room. The small amount of stones around the fireplace help give set the style and the dark furniture and ornate decorations finish it off. This living room is perfect for families or entertaining. With comfortable carpet and wide-open spaces, the room comes together for a variety of functions.



A living room with grown-up appeal often features contrasting colors. The stark white ceiling and furniture sets off the dark cross beams and stone fireplace and gives the room an adult presence.



This living room has a little of everything including plenty of natural light, dark furniture, light wood and carpet, and colorful accents.



The large stones on the fireplace bring out the light carpet and wall colors while helping the transition into the darker furniture. Mixing both light and dark brings an element of style to this living room.



A living room of soft elegance mixes colors in a natural way. The color scheme fits together nicely with beige and gray tones in the fireplace stones, furniture and wall colors.



This elegant living room might look stark and boring without accent colors. Its white walls and light wood flooring do not offer contrast. The colors change with the gray fireplace stones and continue with the dark wood tables and green couches. The rugs offer more color while the piano gives off an air of sophistication.



Romance is evident amidst this living room design. With candles strewn about the room and an ornate fireplace nearby, it’s the perfect place for a good conversation. The furniture contrasts and yet coordinates while the floor rug brings it all together.



This living room takes a risk with patterns. The dark stone fireplace offers a statement while the dark floors makes the room appear smaller than it is. The lighter rug and couch contrast those appearances and the patterned curtains and couch give the room personal touches.



This room has an air of modern cabin sophistication. With high wood ceilings and a coordinating stone fireplace, the living room has a definite cabin style. However, the dark and mauve furniture give it a modern appeal as well.



This look will impress any friend. The large stones around the pillars and fireplace bring in a natural look while the spiral staircase draws the eye. The wood floor is covered with a highly patterned rug, but the dark couch brings the look back together.



For a country living style, the yellow tinted walls and natural wood floors give the room a good start. Add both dark and light furniture and some patterns and the look takes off. The window dressings and lined up stone fireplace are key to this room’s appearance.



Modern elegance seeps through every aspect of this room. The darker wood floors contrast the light tan walls and stone fireplace. The patterned rug and dark furniture offer a contrast and the sparse decoration makes the room look as large as possible.



This living room is great for both spouses. With a dark cherry leather couch, the husband loves the room. The wife enjoys the floral window dressings and white accent furniture. The took looks tie together with the accent rug and the wood floors along with the large contrasting stones in the fireplace.



With white tile floors and white walls, the room starts off with very little color. Add a brick fireplace, a wood armoire and some accent furniture and the room comes to life with simple elegance.



This room follows a simple color scheme including most tan and gray. The dark floors echo the dark tan couches and the tan walls coordinate with the stone fireplace. The wood mantel brings all of the elements together.



This versatile room can be used for a number of things and its shape alone greets the eye with intrigue. The light stone fireplace and mantel go along with the light walls and carpeting while the dark couch and lower wood wall pieces highlight a rich look.



The weekend cabin look is complete with large stones on the fireplace, natural wood floors, and intriguing leather couches that feature wood designs on each side.



This living room looks as if it is set up inside a steeple with pitched ceilings accented by wood beams. The light stone fireplace coordinates with the wood floors and the dark couch and accent pillows bring a different element into the room.



With comfort and country style at the forefront, this room features light green walls and a patterned cherry wood floor. With an old-looking oval rug and comfortable, unique couches, the room has something for everyone.



This living room almost looks as if it is a sunroom du to its use of wicker furniture. The interesting, large rug and checkerboard footrest bring guests back inside to enjoy the brick-like stone fireplace and wood cabinets nearby.



Patterns are the key to this room with a plaid chair and patterned couch as well as a busy accent rug. The white walls and light-colored stone fireplace pop in a room that has so many other elements going on.



This is a great room for relaxing on a cold winter night. With square tiles, it doesn’t matter if shoes are dirty, as long as they are kept off the patterned rug in the middle. The leather couches feel nice and cool in the summer and warm up nicely in the winter and the authentic big horn hanging over the stone fireplace reminds guests where they are.



A living room with modern elegance features stark contrasts like the dark leather couches and against the white, patterned rug. The stone fireplace moved all the way to the ceiling and the mirror and floors on the mantel bring even more sophistication to the room.



This is the perfect living room for an evening cocktail party with plenty of natural light and French doors to move air through the room. The light colors of the walls and carpeting slowly move into darker colors with the stone fireplace and couch and end with the darkest accents in the pillows, coffee table, and window dressings.



Dark natural wood and gold ceilings could make for a dark room, but the light rug, walls, and stone fireplace help the room open.


Gather around this rustic fireplace in a log chair and leather couches and almost feel the weekend. The real log walls and green accent rug bring it further into cabin mode.



Cabin elegance comes together with a beautiful stone fireplace and patterned couches along with dark wood floors and brushed light walls.