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39 Inspirational Ideas For Creating A Black Kitchen (Photos)

Black kitchens are growing in popularity across the world. Once, they were an option only for the most daring and bold amongst us, but now they’re a fashion staple thanks to clever design and better use of lighting. Black kitchens can add drama, style, and a high fashion edge to your kitchen, but it doesn’t have to convey a modern and contemporary style. Traditional and classic kitchens can also benefit from splashes of black colours. Take a look at these selection of forty different kitchens that pull off the black kitchen trend perfectly:


There’s a decision to be made between glossy and sleek cabinets or matte and modern, which both give the kitchen a completely opposite but equally stylish finish. These semi-matte cabinets which reflect the light but aren’t glossy give the kitchen a perfect compromise and an alternative look and feel.


Traditional raised panel kitchen cabinets with have been given a contemporary makeover. Opting for a darker colour with heavy contrasts to the handles and the rest of the kitchen dramatizes the black to give it depth and intensity.

To add more adventure and a stronger theme to your black kitchen, mixing in warmer tones with bricks and rustic wooden stools will add an industrial edge to your kitchen that is unique and fun.


If you’ve invested in a granite-heavy kitchen and want the beautiful floors and worktops to be the main feature of the room, dark black cabinets can create a contrast to lighter shades of granite that makes it stand out. Matte finishes will also highlight the glittering and reflective properties of your stone.



The key to creating a good open plan home is to make each area of the room (living, dining, kitchen) separated by a distinct colour palette. This black kitchen looks separate to the purple and white living areas, but the gothic shapes give this home a fairytale feel.


This fully black kitchen is sleek, smooth, and extremely modern. With any dark room, you need to add plenty of light, artificial and natural, which this bright yet black kitchen achieves perfectly. It’s a cool escape from the sunny outdoors, but maintains the home’s modern and contemporary style.



If your kitchen is really lacking in natural light but you really like the style of a black colour palette, choose black cabinets but balance your tones with lighter walls and reflective surfaces and appliances. You can still achieve a dramatic and dark kitchen but with enough light for lighting and working comfortable.


High gloss cabinets are at the pinnacle of interior design fashion today. They bring light, glamour and luxury to what can be an ordinary and dull room. The more gloss, the sleeker the kitchen is. High contrasting colours work well with gloss because of its reflective properties and boldness.

kitchen in a modern apartment

Black became a popular colour choice during the Art Deco period for its alternative and dramatic style. This kitchen made up of black cabinets with dramatic gold additions gives the kitchen an early 20th Century charm that is unique and exudes luxury.


One of the most simple and effective styles to pull off in the kitchen is monochrome. If white and black feel too harsh together, add grey tones to soften the contrast.


It’s easy to create a gothic style of interior design when black is your most prominent colour. Include lots of elaborate pattern and design with dramatic chandelier lighting to maximise the effect.


Create a cool and comforting family kitchen by mixing sleek black cabinetry with traditional accessories. This rustic table and chandelier look adorable in this kitchen, and puts focus on dining and spending time together above working in the kitchen.


Silver tones and metals such as chrome and stainless steel have been a popular colour in the kitchen for decades now. They’re easy to clean and look luxuriously modern, but they also bring light into the kitchen and the grey tones look fantastic in kitchens with lots of black, grey, and white.


Turn black into a feature of the kitchen instead of allowing it to set the tone for the entire room. These black accents are superseded by large areas of reflective white surfaces that brighten the room and prevent black from absorbing too much light.


Frosted glass cabinets can be a great middle ground between harsh black cabinets, and the colour of the test of the kitchen which is white, in this case. The translucent glass adds mystery and modernity. Note how this kitchen has also added bright plants and an on-show fruit bowl for added splashes of colour.


If black feels too harsh or strong in your home, mix things up by introducing lots of grey into the kitchen. Stretch your colour palette out to include many shades of black, grey, and white to create a room with lots of depth and interesting levels.



Pay attention to the smaller details of your kitchen to really make your black kitchen ‘pop’. White accents here stand out and make the black appear darker that it is, and the cool toned bricks surrounding the cooker don’t take away the cool and icy feeling.


Black works well in minimal tones because it’s an uncomplicated shade and easy to work with. This striking kitchen has removed all items that are unnecessary, including handles, to create a futuristic kitchen that oozes style.


Black’s neutrality means that it can work well with warm or cool tones, but we often use it with white in interior design, and a matching icy colour palette. Black is a great launch pad for warmer and comforting bronzes and browns.


Instead of heavy, black cabinets in your kitchen, dark brown mahogany-esque cabinets can add that strong dark style to the room but with a slightly warmer edge than black. Brown also reflects light slightly better than brown so it’s a clever tool for drawing in more natural light.


Love cooking up Asian cuisine in your kitchen? Bring those flavours into your interior design by including lots of living plants into the room, heavy contrasts between black and white and a very welcome and calming atmosphere.


A kitchen island is a fantastic tool for your kitchen as it provides you with more space and options for storage, dining, and appliances. When building an island you need to consider the design and how it will fit with the rest of the room. This sleek black island continues the rule of black cabinetry and light worktops to create the perfect match.


Black can absorb lots of light so it’s important to overcompensate to prevent your kitchen becoming too dark. A selection of traditional light fittings, spotlights, natural light and under cabinet lighting combines to light up the whole room evenly.


Seeing this kitchen from a different angle shows how important good lighting is in the kitchen. The under cabinet lights brighten the lighter wall tiles so they make more of an impact on the room.


Black’s intensity means that when we feature it in our kitchen, it’s often the main feature of the room. This home has used warm tones of brown and gold to bring out the warmer qualities of the black and create a warm and homely room.


Black and white kitchens are stylish but can sometimes feel too stark and harsh, especially if you like a softer look. Adding cushioned chairs with wicker brings adds a soft, summer charm to this monochrome kitchen.

A black and white kitchen can feel starved of colour, but you should consider that adding bold and bright colours can completely change the colour of the entire room. Subtle changes like these muted red chairs and a large plant add subtle colours without sacrificing the kitchen’s stylish black and white theme.

A black and white kitchen can feel starved of colour, but you should consider that adding bold and bright colours can completely change the colour of the entire room. Subtle changes like these muted red chairs and a large plant add subtle colours without sacrificing the kitchen’s stylish black and white theme.


You can add colour and fun to even the simplest of monochrome kitchens. Plants, worktop accessories and this colourful rug all contribute to the welcoming atmosphere of this family kitchen.


Add more drama to your deep black cabinetry with matching dark work surfaces, rustic stone features and exposed ceiling beams.


A popular trend today is using cool toned wood, such as grey and silver woods, to complement black cabinets. Grey tones look beautiful against chrome and steel fixtures, and are an unusual and charming alternative to brown coloured wood.


In most kitchens with black cabinetry, it’s the main feature of the room and what we notice first. In this stylish and unique kitchen, the black cabinets are a background feature that comes second to the pale blue walls and sparkling worktops. Packing bold colours into your home will give it a fun feeling, but you can use black cabinets to tone it down.


Add glamour and fun to a small and uninspiring kitchen by adding super glossy kitchen cabinets and glittering stone worktops to your kitchen.


Unusual tiling, like smaller tiles that play tricks on the eyes or funky mosaics, can add fun to a kitchen with an ordinary colour palette and floor plan.


The power of marble is never ending. This kitchen proves how a simplistic investment into a marble worktop can transform a kitchen. You can benefit from the monochrome style, but the grey marble effect tied in softened the effect and adds a luxury feel.


A clever design trick is to frame your cabinets, just like this kitchen has, with wooden features as you would with a beautiful picture. Surrounding the black cabinets with bright wooden beams, flooring, and features, frames the black cabinets to make them stand out.


Adding black matte surfaces to your kitchen can be daunting as it tends to absorb light, instead of reflecting it. Using a natural wooden material for your cabinetry in a very slightly lighter shade of black will prevent this, so you can achieve dramatic black shades that don’t hinder the natural light in your kitchen.

new modern kitchen home interior

If you’re looking to make a quick update to a traditional family kitchen with light wooden features, and a cream and white colour palette, a simple update to the front of your kitchen cabinets is an affordable and quick way to give your kitchen a makeover and add drama and intensity.


To add light to the kitchen without achieving a start contrast or adding warmer tones to the room, light blue walls or tiles can brighten up a black colour palette.


Increase the number and intensity of flavours in your kitchen by combining bold textures and materials. A selection of natural materials work well together and give a nod to the great outdoors. Stay clear of clashing colour and patterns by planning in advance and carefully selecting patterns and colours that complement each other.

Black is a creative colour that can be used in a number of ways to achieve the perfect interior design for your kitchen. By ignoring pre-existing thoughts you have on using black in the home and opening your mind to modern and original design as shown in these stunning examples, you’ll be able to appreciate black as an important feature in your kitchen and enjoy it in the most important room of the home.