Thursday , June 13 2024

Custom Luxury Wine Cellars (40 Photos)


The main feature of this room, and what brings added rusticity to the room, is the central barrel which doubles as a decoration and a small table. This room focuses only on what’s important and necessary in order to create a rustic, quaint, and cozy wine cellar that’s perfect for tasting.


White washed walls give this room a very authentic and dated feel, but also bring more light into a room that is severely lacking in natural light. It gives the room a fun and modern twist, acting as a blank canvas for more striking features such as yellow leather seats and a sparkling chandelier.


Wine cellars are renowned for their lack of warmth and atmosphere. Often basement rooms, utilities can be limited. To combat this feeling, this wine cellar uses only warm tones of wood in furniture to create a very welcoming and enveloping room.


If you’ve ever contemplated mixing wine tasting and dinner parties, this is how to create the space to do it. In a very narrow but long room, there is plenty of seating for formal dining with a large group and a modest shelf for wine storage.


Less of a cellar and more of a cave, this wine storage space doesn’t provide much comfort, but it does provide the ultimate private getaway with plenty of space for one, and enough space and light to enjoy your wine alone.


This wine cellar is also a family room, with space for informal dining and wine tasting, plus separate seating and dining areas facing outdoors. Natural light is a unique and pleasant twist on this wine cellar, which is used more as a place to showcase a few wines, than store many.


A wine cellar doesn’t strictly have to be in your cellar or basement. This ‘cellar’ is a simple storage unit that creates a feature wall in this contemporary dining room. If you enjoy wine whilst dining with the family, your favorite bottles will always be in arms reach.


This brick cladded wall has a very unique flowing shape that makes us think that the cellar is an original part of the home’s architecture. Although the cleanliness of the bricks makes them look relatively modern, the style of wine storage with cute and quirky cubbyholes has a very decorative and unique edge.


Another example to prove that wine cellars don’t have to be underground, this new wine cellar could be an ex utility room transformed to add a personal edge to this fairly modern home. Darker woods and ornate features don’t give it an overtly modern feel, but in fact is has the perfect traditional color palette.


The red brick walls and ceiling of this wine cellar is a very alternative and modern style to the usual stone walls found in luxury wine cellars. This tells us that the home may be quite young, but this doesn’t sacrifice the style and beauty of the beautiful and striking wine shelving.


For the ultimate protection and preservation of the wines in this cellar, seating and tasting area is just outside the door to the cellar. This gives the cellar an air of mystery and grandeur.


The candelabra in this room is the best feature to give it true Medieval and rustic appeal. It provides plenty of dramatic lighting for the entire room and although it is small, provides plenty of space for a few friends to gather around a small central table for intimate entertaining.


Wooden double doors that open into this round room give the room a very grand entrance. Vast shelves of wine back up that very grand yet elegant feeling, and an ornate central table that stands out against all white flooring is striking and becomes the central conversation point of the room.


For a bit of wooden splendor and to totally wrap the room with one consistent style, take inspiration from this striking wooden wine cellar, complete with plenty of storage for wine bottles, standing space, and a shelf for showcasing your favorite pieces.


Unique colored lighting brings a very modern and disco feeling to this otherwise traditional wine storage space. A door to the outside also gives this cellar a freer atmosphere than other contained wine cellars.


With grand and comfortable chairs, ample lighting, and more than enough of your favorite wines, this is the perfect luxury getaway for when you need to escape, without even leaving your home.

Domed walls and stone cladding transform this modest wine cellar into a luxury cave. Lots lots of decorative features for Gothic effect, small lighting and lot of rustic wooden decor, it’s a great place for relaxing and tasting alone or with a group of friends.

Not sure if you want an entertaining wine cellar or secluded sitting room? This one is inspiration for how to achieve the best of both worlds in a smaller space. Combine typical Medieval features such as brick walls and ornate fixtures, with comfortable seating, natural light, and modern lines to meet your requirements.


Lots of light and a rounded breakfast bar-style bench area makes this wine cellar also a great place for spending some quality family time. Personal touches such as art work and brightly colored decor give it a really homely feel.


This wine cellar with no seating has a very raw appeal that is made for large groups of people with a passion for wines and networking.



This very rich colored and detailed shelving unit for storing wine complements red tones found also in the bricks behind it. Modern touches, like a clear glass table and minimal hanging candle holder, add charm to the traditional ornate pieces.



Darker woods and colors throughout this room don’t just make the room feel smaller for more intimacy and remoteness, but reflective wooden surfaces also add quality, luxury, and uninterrupted sleekness.



By far the most modern and contemporary example shown here on this page, this super stylish wine cabinet has all the right ingredients for a jaw dropping and totally unique space. Blue back-lighting brings attention to the wine, and the white, sleek furniture makes it ultra clean and modern.



This wine cellar has all the rustic style of a traditional wine cellar, but modern elements that make it comfortable and pleasant. Beautiful lighting, a soft brown shade of wood, and neat floor tiling give it a soft, contemporary edge.