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63 Wide Range of White Kitchen Designs (Photos)

White kitchens give off a clean, appealing vibe and the bright color helps make the room look as large and open as possible. White kitchens are gaining popularity in a number of different styles. Since kitchens are in the heart of any home, having the right set up and overall appearance is important to many people. Not only is the layout of the kitchen important to how it operates, but the color and style is important to how it feels to guests and those who live there.

White is a popular color in the kitchen for a number of reasons. It is relatively easy to match and it is simple to clean. It also gives the kitchen a lot of light, even if there are not windows to allow natural light to filter into the room. The only problem with a white kitchen is that sometimes, too much white can get boring. The following examples are far from boring and instead show how to do white kitchens with an air of style in a number of different ways.


This kitchen uses white as the primary color, but contrasts the light tone with black floors and counter tops. It is a bright, attractive room that has the best of both worlds involved.



White is the base color in this room, but the muted gray brings a slightly darker tone into the bricks, walls, and floors. There is not much of a contrast, but the change in color breaks up the room and accentuates the white.



The white in this room stands out in a bright manner because of the wood floors and mottled countertops. The dark stools help show off the bright colors even further.



White cabinets are the easiest way to place white into a kitchen. These cabinets have dark lines highlighting their style and a slightly colored back splash and dark counters and chairs as well as a wood floor set them off.



This bright kitchen does not feature a lot of natural light, but it does look nice and open due to the white cabinets and white brick wall. The dark floor allows the light to move up the walls and into the room with ease and the dark chairs and medium tone countertop help draw it all together.



This kitchen has great contrasts between the white appliances and cabinets and the black countertop. The differences continue in the backsplash and even down into the wood floor. The black and white chairs bring the style together.



Another way to enjoy a white kitchen is to choose colors that are slightly off white like these cabinets. They will not show dirt as easily and they still bring a lot of light into the room. They can also look great with brown tones like those seen in the backsplash.


Light wood floors are gorgeous with white cabinets. They contrast just enough, but also bring the natural light into the room as much as possible. The accent colors on the island both on the cabinets and on the countertop bring an element of the style into the room and the backsplash above the stove really stands out.


If you tire of white cabinets and black countertops, it is easy to dress the room up by adding pops of color. Flowers and plants are simple to add and change out at any time.


This kitchen is a great example of how large a white kitchen can look due to its color. If you were to paint the cabinets dark, it would be a much more closed off room.



Not many kitchens use marble as backsplash material, but this lovely example does it just right. The black marble gleams under the white cabinets and gives the room a break from all the white.



White is an easy color to contrast with and this kitchen uses dark woods and tan floors to set off the lighter cabinets. The countertops bring all of the colors together to show their coordination.



If you are not sure what colors to put with white, white always works well with itself. All you have to do is vary the tone a bit. The white cabinets and slightly cream-colored countertops coordinate well and contrast with the darker floors.



Dark wood floors really make white cabinets stand out for all there are worth. And the black counter tops help give the room another break from the white angles.



This kitchen breaks up the white cabinets with more white on the backsplash, but the brown diamond design allows the floor color to flow up through the room.



Adding color for style is always an option in a white kitchen since any color looks good with white. The back splash in this room accentuates great kitchen colors of yellow, blue and green, but does not overpower the white room.



Woven chairs such as these look great against the white cabinets and wood floor. They add spice and a natural look to the room and make it appear much less stark.



This kitchen comes off almost old-fashioned because of the diamond backsplash. At the same time, it has a modern feel due to its contrast between black and white and its stainless steel appliances.



For those who enjoy light room as a whole, lighter wood is a great contrast with white cabinets. The floors work well with the wood countertops and keep the room nice and light all around.



The white brick in this kitchen makes it look like an older home, but the bright wood floors and the stainless steel appliances give it a modern look as well.


This kitchen coordinates its colors very well with the wood floors matching the chairs and the gray countertops matching the back splash. The stainless steel appliances highlight several elements at once.



This nearly all white kitchen would be overpowering without the pop of colors on the wall. The deep red sets off the white and the curtains and hardware bring the intriguing contrast through the room.



This kitchen has clean lines and interesting turns in the cabinets and the darker wood on the floors and surrounding the countertop give the room a nice centerpiece.



The fifties diner look comes into this room with a great checkerboard floor that sets the rest of the white cabinets apart. The black table and chairs brings the black into the room and the cheery yellow wall color gives it added style.



You do not have to use very many colors in order to make a kitchen interesting. In this room, you have wood, black and white and that is about it. But there are still plenty of points of interest.



This modern kitchen combines wood floors with streamlined white cabinets and coming of the age chairs.



Lighting is key in any kitchen and though this room is smaller than some, the lights make the white cupboards stand out against the wood floors. The light green walls accentuate the colors even more.



Color changes do not have to be drastic in order to work. The white cabinets still stand out against the muted tan walls and light wood floors. The colors change slightly again on the tiled counter tops.



Most of the colors in this room are similar, but it is easy to create contrast with a black table and chair set.



If you like white enough to put it all over your kitchen, the only thing needed to create an intriguing space is contrasting floors and darker hardware.



Hanging lights above a kitchen island can help break up a room and add extra light. This room does a good job at separating the white in other ways as well with tan tile floors and darker marble countertops.



This predominantly black and white room brings red into the picture with cherry wood floors. The addition of other red items really ties the style together.



Some kitchens are so white they look almost brand new at all times. The dark floor helps the white pop out of the room and stand out. The style can easily be changed with various color placements throughout the room.



Dark wood floors look great against white cabinets, chairs and other items.



This kitchen has an old-fashioned feel with floors that have checkers on them and striped window coverings. Painting the walls black is a risk, but it makes the white stand out even better in this room.



This kitchen switches up the white and black contrast. In most of the room, the cabinets are white and the countertops are black. On the island, the colors are opposite, which helps give the room an interesting appeal.



In order to add personal touches to a mostly black and white kitchen, stylish window dressings are a great option.



This kitchen shows that white rooms can add color in a variety of ways. Simply consider wallpaper or patterned rugs or both.



Grab contrast for the white kitchen by adding dark hardware and a slightly darker backsplash and floor with patterns.



Blend colors together in a natural way with darker stone flooring and white and cream backsplash tiles. The cream countertops break up the stark white and the stainless steel appliances fit right in.



When you are looking for contrast, black is the way to go in any white kitchen. The black countertops blend in with the backsplash and the wood floors bring a different appeal to the room.



This kitchen is nearly all white other than the dark wood floors. The varied white times still break the room up and the chandelier gives it added style.



Allow the floor to flow up into the room by echoing the wood look on the side buffet area. That is everything you need to set off the white in this room.



Dark wood floors show off the white cabinets and the stainless steel looks great around the white tile backsplash. The wooden island breaks up the white and the chairs echo the cabinets.



Giving white rooms statements is always a nice touch. White cabinets and white tile backsplashes contrast against black countertops while intriguing plant wallpaper spices up the style.



This ornate looking kitchen brings eloquence and style together with tan tile floors and old-world chandeliers. Consider intriguing window dressings, but always allow the highest level of natural light into the room.



This kitchen has a stark white appearance, but dark grout and decorative tiled back splashes help add more colors.



This room comes off as eloquent, yet comfortable. The white cabinets contrast with the black countertop and the island brings an opposite effect with black cabinets and white countertops.



Echoing colors is a nice way to bring a room together in a cohesive manner. The white cabinets and countertops echo one another and the coloring echoes the island.



This kitchen proves that not all whites have to be the same. The white cabinets move into a marble backsplash, which brings gray into the equation. The gray darkens in the floor tiles. The room has added colors in the runner rug as well.



This room has plenty of wow factors with fancy chandeliers over the center bar area. The dark wood bar acts as an eye-catching centerpiece while the white cabinets frame beautiful gray brick and tile back splashes.



There is not as much white in this kitchen as it appears since the walls are blue and the bricks are lighter blue. The black counters bring contrast and the wood floors bring the natural element into the room.



Dark wood always looks nice against white cabinets and the intriguing pot hanger gives the room even more to enjoy.



This contrasting kitchen brings the white and black elements together by using simple black hardware on white cabinets.



In order to add unique style to any white kitchen, chairs are always an option. The zebra print brings both black and white into the room and adds an interesting look.



This room brings the dark wood up the table leg and ties that aspect into the design. The rest of the white is broken up by darker cabinet hardware and black chairs under the bar.



When in doubt, white works with white. The wood floors allow a break and the rest of the room looks great with tones of white.



White against white works especially well when slight color changes are in effect. The gray marble sets the cabinets off while the black island countertop brings another level into the room.



This white kitchen extends itself onto the dark wood floor quite literally. The contrasts set each other apart and allow the black to almost blend into the background of the room.



Antique white is another great design. The cabinets are white, but they look antique and easily bring the gray back splash into the style without contrast standing out.



Small elements of color work well in white kitchens. They do not have to be large spaces in order to stand out and they are easy to change.



If white makes the room look larger, go with it. Just add darker floors and appliances to get some contrast.


This room might come off as rather plain without the stone appearance of the hood above the oven. That element makes the room intriguing in a number of areas.