Thursday , June 13 2024

Custom Luxury Wine Cellars (40 Photos)

As we look back into centuries past, there seems to be one luxury that has withstood time to remain one of the most popular and regarded indulgences across the world: wine. Wine cellars are an additional investment that allows any wine lover or collector a special space to house and display their favorite bottles. Wine coolers, racks, and fridges are popular in many homes today, but a dedicated wine cellar provides more space, architectural consideration, and a much more charming appeal. The first wine cellars appeared almost 4000 years ago, and were the first dedicated spaces for protecting precious and valuable wines from breakage and spoiling due to imbalances in light, humidity, and temperature.

Although the main and most important purpose of any wine cellar is to protect and maintain wines so that the flavor can develop as time passes, we’re now use our wine cellars as a space for tasting and dining. Cellars that have been built overground can be a welcome addition to a kitchen area, but also provide a luxury and alternative dining space where you can also show off your collection to guests, and indulge in a wine tasting session at the same time.

How you store your wine is ultimately your choice, and this differs from home to home. Some people choose to arrange their wines by country, others by date, some by their value, and others by their personal preference, keeping their favorites at the front and in easy reach. How you decorate your wine cellar is also down to personal choice. Rustic styles with wooden shelving, exposed brick walls and low level lighting are very traditional and a style that is continued today, but with technological advances in insulation and temperature control have opened up the gateway for modern and more contemporary styles. Intelligent and movable storage, minimal and stylish design, and innovative layouts have made wine cellars much more personable.

Explore these luxury wine cellars for inspiration on how to build and design a specialist wine storage space within your own home:


Low lighting in this secluded wine cellar sets the perfect tone for entertaining and informal wine tasting.


With a table set for two and using much more informal and comfortable seating, this is the perfect intimate wine cellar to be enjoyed as a couple.


This Medieval style wine cellar has a more unique layout. Set up like a bar, this is perfect for tasting and entertaining with friends.


This warming and comforting wine cellar has recreated a homely living space so that the cellar is more than just a storage space, but a place for getting away, relaxing, and reflecting.


A more modest option but by no means less effective, this smaller storage unit fitted into the alcove of a cellar room is the perfect place to store wine purchased in bulk. It also frees up more space for dining and entertaining.


This domed cellar room is the perfect intimate escape. With low level lighting for intensity, and wine contained in barrels for authenticity, this is the wine loving couple’s dream.


This modern room has luxury cabinets and wonderfully presented wines, carefully lit and showcased to impress. The high table makes it great for informal entertaining in small groups, but there isn’t any space for dining.


A low wooden table, barrels of wine, and leather seating give this very rustic and secluded place a unique and charming feel that has a quirky and Medieval appeal.


In this vast wine cellar, the main feature of the room is the wine and the vast amounts of it. With hoardes of storage space and plenty or organisation, the furniture has been kept to a minimal so that nothing distracts from the wine itself.


This modern and minimal wine cellar has a very fresh approach to storing and tashing wine at home. Clean lines, reflective surfaces and a sophisticated colour palette make this a great alternative for wine lovers with contemporary tastes.


This wine cellar has no additional extras other than seating and wine storage, to keep the focus of the room on wine tasting only. The fun barrel-style storage pays homage to traditional wine barrels but actually stores modern bottles for practicality.


What makes this cellar perfect for group entertaining is the simplicity and great organisation of wines, large space for people to seat, stand or dine together, and a modern and unoffensive style.


No expense has been spared for this wine cellar adventure room. Created to be enjoyed, appreciated, and to impress, the underlighting in the storage cases, great statues and sculptures, and authentic wooden and stone building features make this wine cellar truly unique and breathtaking.


The lack of seating in this wine cellar is an important design choice and key feature of how the room works. With space for resting drinks and plenty of space to stand, this room is more of a networking and informal entertaining space.


A glass fronted cellar gives this wine cellar total transparency, and adds a modern twist to otherwise very traditional row of wine cellars. Separate cellars side by side give more options for organisation but choosing clear doors mean that no collections will be hidden away.


This large wine cellar is almost separated into two separate areas, making it the best entertaining space for large groups of people. It gives people the option of sitting, or standing and perusing the vast collection of wine under perfect lighting.