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42 Incredibly Beautiful Backyard Ponds for Your Inspiration

Nature lovers of all kinds are certain to enjoy these backyard ponds. Having a backyard pond offers a chance to provide a haven for wildlife such as dragonflies, frogs and birds.

Backyard ponds create a relaxing environment for families to bond and enjoy the outdoors together. They also add value to homes and often are a key selling point to many buyers. Depending on the size of a backyard pond, it can increase the value of a home significantly.

Owning a backyard pond also gives homeowners the chance to own various species of fish. Having fish in a backyard pond provides natural insect control which make a backyard even more enjoyable for families and guests.

Landscaping around a backyard pond provides homeowners the chance to learn about different plant species, and create a beautiful environment to enjoy for many years to come. The trickle of water in a backyard pond is a great way to relax and get away from the stress of everyday life, it can also help block out the sound of a noisy street or other unwanted sounds.



Beautiful stonework done for this backyard pond makes it a one-of-a-kind art piece. The small waterfall in this backyard pond provides a relaxing element that anyone could enjoy.




Elegance is brought to this backyard pond by the symmetrical use of potted flowers. The use of the fountain in this backyard pond provides a relaxing element to this simple but fashionable pond.




This pond has already started impacting the environment in a positive way by growing plants, which not only provide a luscious look to this pond, but also offer oxygen to the environment.




Exquisite planning and design have been done to make this backyard pond a masterpiece. Care was taken in choosing the landscaping to make this backyard pond stand out. The mostly white and grey stones make this pond accent the colorful landscaping.




Relaxation is provided by the fountain that has been installed into this backyard pond. Not only does it provide peace it also helps to keep mosquitoes from breeding in this fish-free pond. This backyard pond has been surrounded by rocks and natural landscaping to feel like a little piece of nature pulled out of the forest.




Simple but appealing. This backyard pond offers a beautiful view and a great place to relax after a long day. Smooth stones accent this pond wonderfully as they help transition from pond to landscaping. The exquisite landscaping by this backyard pond increases the chance of natural wildlife visiting.



Backyard Pond and Waterfall

This backyard pond features a two-tiered waterfall and elegant landscaping. The stonework has been done to provide an appealing transition between the pond and the walkway.



Landscaping Waterfall

Another view of the two-tiered waterfall is seen here showing off the beautiful element that it adds to this backyard pond.




Although smaller than most backyard ponds seen, this pond still adds a peaceful and elegant note to this backyard. A small waterfall provides relaxation while enjoying this backyard pond.




Accented with a walkway and bridge this backyard pond offers a great place for wildlife to live, while still being enjoyed by homeowners. The natural trickle of this pond throughout the landscaping provides relaxation for the entire backyard.



Private Garden at Sunset

Less for wildlife and more for aesthetics, this backyard pond adds value to a home while offering a peaceful place to wander. The exquisite landscaping done around this backyard pond accents it beautifully and allows it to seamlessly transition from the pond to the yard.



Water Feature

This backyard pond is accented with various accessories and a stone walkway that make this a unique backyard pond. The stonework from the patio to the walkway provide a welcoming place to enjoy the relaxing sounds of the waterfall.




Exquisite stonework was done to create this particular backyard pond. Care was taken in carving out these stones so that a beautiful waterfall could be created. The landscaping around this backyard pond was done carefully to accent the pond and make it stand out.




With Lily pads and other foliage this backyard pond provides a wonderful wildlife sanctuary while still being enjoyed by homeowners and guests. The patio area provides a beautiful view of this backyard pond so that its relaxing features are not going unused.




Stones of all shapes and sizes were used to create this two-tiered wonder. Time and consideration of where every stone had to be placed makes this backyard pond a very unique pieces that adds beauty and value to this home.




Soothing sounds are provided by this three-tiered waterfall, while being accented by a strategically placed underwater light. The warm lighting mixed with the waterfall offer a relaxing place to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends.




Landscaping provides this pond with beauty and elegance while giving it a pleasant feeling. Hand-picked rocks accent this backyard pond wonderfully with mixed shapes, sizes, and designs.




This luxurious backyard pond would be one most everyone would be proud to own and show off. While feeling extravagant this pond does not lack in purpose of providing space for wildlife.




This backyard pond features a nearby patio space to enjoy the relaxing benefits of having a pond, while various landscaping provides a natural feel to this outdoor space.




Stepping stones leading to this backyard pond offer a beautiful view of the waterfall trickling softly into the pond. Simple but elegant landscaping prevents from the distracting of this exquisite pond, while allowing nature to take part in the beauty created by backyard ponds.




Fish provide this backyard pond with natural mosquito repellent and add an element of beauty. The waterwheel added to this backyard pond brings a nostalgic factor to this naturally beautiful backyard.




Patio space overlooking this backyard pond offers a peaceful view while entertaining guests or relaxing after a long day of work. Large boulders accent this backyard pond beautifully while encouraging wildlife to use it.




A beautiful layout of stones around this pond offer a quiet place to relax while enjoying the trickling sound of the fountain in this pond. Shrubs and smaller landscaping is used to provide privacy from noisy roads and neighbors while entertaining guests or bonding with family.




Trickling water in this small pond prevents mosquitoes from breeding here while bringing a relaxing sound to any backyard or patio area. This small pond is great for adding value to homes no matter what size of backyard is owned.




This backyard pond sits right off the deck to be enjoyed by family and guests. Goldfish live happily in this large pond while keeping mosquito levels to a minimum for homeowners.




This large backyard pond offers a beautiful place to relax while enjoying a forest view. A large waterfall adds a beautiful sound to this backyard while relaxing or entertaining guests.




Slate rocks provide this pond with a unique look as it gradually gets deeper and farther away from the landscaping. This helps to provide a smooth transition from the lawn to the landscaping and then to the pond making this a beautiful addition to any yard. This backyard pond is great for wildlife as it offers an easy way for animals to access the water.




This backyard stream provides a relaxing and graceful element to the entire backyard as it flows quietly through. The landscaping around this stream is simple, but prevents the focal point from being anything other than the beautiful stream.




This backyard pond is raised off the ground with a well put together stone wall that makes it easier to view the fish and keep the pond clean. The beautiful stonework is continued up the wall of the home to create a large trickling waterfall for homeowners to enjoy.




This elegant backyard pond offers beautiful landscaping while not taking away from the beauty of the stonework done. The neutral colors of the stones used for this pond offer a seamless transition from land to water.




Bright red shrubs offer a pop of color to this elegant backyard pond. The mixing of colors into this elegant pond was done carefully to add a more relaxing and grand feel to this pond while benefiting the environment.




Adirondack chairs placed on the patio overlooking this backyard pond offer a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the view, while listening to the sound of water trickling over rocks. Bright pops of pink and red were added around this backyard pond to offer more color.




This backyard pond provides plenty of foliage to bring in wildlife and to benefit the environment. Large stones were used around this pond to provide a nice seamless barrier between the water and the land, while still allowing space for wildlife to access the pond.




The use of clay pots around this pond provides a one-of-a-kind look. A large clay pot is used to create a beautiful waterfall while other clay pots are used as elegant accessories.





Simple landscaping helps to lead one’s eye to this exquisite pond. Precise stonework has been done here to create an elegant look, and to offer a relaxing appeal to this backyard pond. Small shrubs and trees are placed around this pond to add small bits of color here and there.





When running this rock waterfall provides a beautiful relaxing aura to this backyard pond. This stonework done for this pond not only offers a grandeur appearance, but also serves to keep the land from eroding away, which makes this pond very valuable to the environment.




This beautiful aqua blue backyard pond offers a dazzling look to this simple backyard. While this backyard pond is not suitable for wildlife it still offers benefits to the environment through the landscaping, and adds value to any home.




This backyard pond provides a deck space out over the pond to relax while enjoying the view. Watching a sunset and listening to the water next to this pond would be incredibly relaxing after a hard day of work.




This beautiful pond offers a quiet getaway for homeowners and wildlife that come here. The natural beauty of this pond is provided by the charming landscaping and the elegant stonework. A peaceful waterfall trickles near the end of this pond and adds to the beauty of this photo.




This simple backyard pond offers a walkway close to the water to stand or sit and relax while enjoying the outdoors. Shrubs and small trees are used to accent this backyard pond while not taking away from its beauty.




This backyard pond offers a small fountain and a unique waterfall to provide a relaxing area to enjoy while entertaining family and friends in the backyard. Flowers and shrubs provide beauty while helping the environment.




This backyard pond sits directly off the patio for the enjoyment of homeowners and guests. It is strategically placed so the sound of the waterfall can be relaxing while enjoying the beautiful backyard view.




This small backyard stream is accented by a beautiful clay pot accessory. This stream is a great place for wildlife to come and drink, and also to sit and listen to the beautiful sound of a trickling brook.