Thursday , June 13 2024

Luxurious Living Rooms of Many Designs (41 Photos)

If you’re looking for ideas for traditional and modern living rooms you’ve come to the right place. Here on this page we’ve compiled some of the most luxurious and beautiful living rooms for you. There is a plethora of color schemes and design ideas throughout these photos, and there is most certainly some that will inspire you no matter what your design style is. These photos contain everything from the most traditional living rooms to a more eclectic mix of modern and traditional living rooms, to pure modern designs. There is certainly something to inspire everyone in these photos, whether you’re just looking for fun or are seriously looking to overhaul your own living room.

Throughout this photo gallery, you will see a lot of traditional designs in the upholstery, millwork, window treatments, and case goods. All of these items help the room to have a more traditional feel to them, but still have very functional uses. You will also find simple furnishings and monochromatic color schemes which often create modern designs, which are simple and functional.

The traditional design can unquestionably be seen in all of the extravagant architecture and millwork that shows up in several of the photos, but in the rest of the photos it is often the furnishings of the room that help it to have the traditional/vintage feel to it.

Some of these photos feature beautiful modern living room designs that would catch any modern design enthusiast’s eye. From simple color schemes, clean lines, pops of color, and luxurious lighting these rooms are sure to impress.



The high ceilings and elegant chandelier make a strong statement as you look at this gorgeous living room. The red cherry hardwood floors have a timeless look as you scan the room. This entire living area just screams elegance and luxury.




Still keeping with the traditional furnishings we have a living room that is slightly more modern. The more modern but still traditional look is created by incorporating lighter colors, natural light, and pops of modern accessories throughout the room.




Bringing the outside in with plants is a great way to create your own twist on a traditional design. The furnishings here are very elaborately embellished and mix great with the plants and outdoor feel of this living room.




The giant leather sectional in this living room makes the room feel very cozy and is a great statement piece. While this room lacks the traditional carvings and millwork it still creates that very traditional feel by having stone pillars and woodworks throughout the room.




The white marble fireplace adds an interesting flourish to this living room. It brings the traditional feel to a beach home environment showing that you really can have a vintage living room no matter where you live. All of the natural light in this photo really helps to accent the fireplace and helps to make it the focal point of the room.




The stark white walls and natural lighting in this room make it feel like a more eclectic room mixing traditional with modern. The furnishings in this room are simple yet comfortable looking and that gives the room a cozy feeling, which is a huge part of traditional designs.




The matching furniture set and natural tones of this room create a very formal clean lined room. It is an eclectic design as well because of the clean lines it has throughout the room mixing with the traditional feel of the furniture. It certainly is an excellent formal living room.




The beautiful architecture in this room really brings into focus the traditional feel that would melt anybody’s heart. From the intricate molding in the ceiling to the white marble fireplace this is a fantastic example of traditional design.




From the natural tones and the clean lined ceiling one might assume that this was not originally a traditional room, but with the incorporation of elaborate vintage furnishings this room truly does have a one of a kind traditional feel to it.




This is a more eclectic living area that mixes modern design with traditional. The ceiling has very clean lines which makes it modern feeling, but adding a natural toned paint color to the ceiling it brought back the more traditional look. The furniture pieces in this room also add to the mix of modern and traditional. The white upholstery creates a modern feel whereas the natural toned table brings about the traditional feel.




The wall sconces and chandeliers help this room to have the vintage feel to it even though it still has a large amount of modern millwork in it. The colors and patterns in this room create a very warm environment which also brings back the traditional feel.




The furniture in this room mixed with various accessories help this room to have a traditional tint to it although it is a very modern design with the natural toned walls and the modern architecture.




This luxurious living room with its black and white color scheme and traditional furnishings and case goods displays so much vintage design that makes this room look amazing. From the elaborate window treatments to the carved fireplace this room just screams traditional design.




The large open archways and the huge bay window in this room help open up this formal traditional living room. This room has multiple focal points with the huge bay window and elaborately carved fireplace. It is a beautiful traditional design for any home.




The white and black color scheme of this room mixed with the elaborate furnishings and lighting of this room make it a luxurious traditional room with a hint of modern due to the mostly white color scheme.




The fireplace makes a beautiful focal point for this room. The slightly more modern carvings help to create an eclectic design, but the elaborate millwork and accessories bring back the coziness of a traditional design.




This is a more modern design with hints of traditional design mixed throughout. The large stone fireplace and detailed area rug on red cherry hardwood add the touch of traditional design that this room needed.




The earth toned color scheme of this photo really bring in the traditional design along with the beautiful case goods create a warm cozy environment.




The millwork and the large area rug in this room create a very traditional feeling room with a light color scheme that brings a more clean lined modern feel to it.




The elaborate window treatments and millwork in this room create a beautiful traditional room with a splash of modern by having a white color scheme with pops of color here and there in accessories and the area rug.




This beautiful living room features a lakeside view as the main focal point. The furnishings and case goods with their detailed carvings bring about an intimate traditional feel to this lakeside home.




Natural lighting in this room helps accent the traditional furnishings and make the room feel open and airy. The light color scheme of the room adds a bit of formality to this beautiful living room.




Here we have a more modern design with large upholstered items and carpeting in the living room. The soft natural tones and open concept of this living area create a beautiful modern design that any family would be happy in.




Here we have a beautiful eclectic design mixing large bulky furnishings with dark tones to create a very warm and inviting living area, which features a beautiful lake view as its focal point.




This is a very luxurious formal living area that features beautiful millwork and antique replica furnishings, which add a bit of Victorian style to this room. The large chandeliers and wall sconces in this living area create a very luxurious feel.




This modern design has very clean lines and a monochromatic color scheme with pops of colors in the accessories. The large window treatments, and bulky furnishings help to give this room a modern feel.




This modern design features a beautiful window view as a focal point, but also has beautiful and simplistic architecture to create the modern clean lined feel to the room. The gas fireplace with its clean lines brings about sophistication to the room.




This is a more eclectic design mixing traditional with modern by having a monochromatic paint scheme mixed with hardwood flooring and beams. The beautiful fireplace brings in a more traditional look while the furnishings are strictly modern.




This modern design just speaks elegance and formality with its white and grey color scheme. The large formal chandelier adds a touch of traditionalism to the room while keeping to the very modern feel.




Mixing the new with the old this large open concept living area creates an eclectic design by using traditional furnishing in a very clean lined room. The white and grey color scheme adds a touch of formality to this very cozy living area.




From the window treatments to the area rugs this design is completely traditional. The elaborate window treatments shout elegance while the case goods with carvings speak class and formality. The red cherry walls add warmth into this traditional design.




This modern living area is a great example of an eclectic design as it uses colors and finishes to bring about a more traditional look.




The dark hardwood flooring and the traditional furnishing capture a timeless look in this room. The intricately carved fireplace is a great focal point for this room pointing it even more towards the traditional design.




This eclectic design mixes traditional with modern. The very modern color scheme and accessories mixed with traditional furnishings helps to create a very luxurious room.




The open concept of this eclectic room make it seem very luxurious, while the mixing of the colors and patterns help make it feel cozy and more traditional. The large area rug features a traditional pattern that fits perfectly into this luxurious living space.




This traditional living area features a great amount of natural light and a very light hardwood flooring that makes the space seem large and luxurious. The added color in the furnishings helps to create an intimate space for anyone.




Bulky furnishings add a very traditional feel to this room along with large solid case goods with soft lines and beautiful wood work. The open concept of this room help to make the bulky furnishings not seem too large for this intimate room.




This room features a very modern color scheme with traditional furnishings and accessories. The millwork in this living area is traditional and is a great contrast to the modern color scheme.




This is a modern luxurious living area with soft but clean lines and only pops of color in the accessories and on the furniture. It is a great modern space that showcases modern design very well.




This traditional room has a very intimate feel to it provided by the traditional furnishings and the traditional pattern on the area rug. All of the natural lighting in this room help to make this room feel more open and to help create a more luxurious feel to the room.




This traditional room features large bulky furnishings with beautiful woodwork accents that make this room cozy. The large area rug placed on the medium toned hardwood creates the luxurious feel in this traditional space. The main focal point of this room is the white stone fireplace which screams elegance to anyone who looks at it.