Friday , July 19 2024

Maria Cheryl Cabilin

37 Inspiring Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

One way to make an unforgettable entrance is with a landscaped front yard. Whether as part of the original construction or a later addition, the yard can be transformed into a stylish statement by adding the homeowner’s personal touch.This not only increases the property value, it also shows how well …

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Delightful Wood Deck Designs (42 Photos)

Picking the right design for a wood deck doesn’t only spruce up your outdoor living area; it can also add considerable worth to your home. It’s important to prioritize the main purpose the deck, balcony, lanai or patio will serve before choosing the shape and materials. A deck can have …

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53 Savvy Small & Medium Kitchens

Small kitchen layouts are handy for smaller houses, condominiums and apartments. Although space is limited, design sensibilities are limitless. This collection shows both small and medium sized kitchens with unique takes on optimizing space. Some of the kitchens featured in this gallery present ingenious ways of combining architectural layout and …

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45 Styling Tricks for Small Living Rooms

Deceit can be a very bad thing. But when it comes to small living rooms, you need every trick in the book to create an optical illusion of a larger space. Maximizing an area depends in understanding what shapes and angles fit well together without sacrificing comfort. Sizing and proportion …

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54 Ways to Spell LUXURY in Master Bedrooms

For most homeowners, the master bedroom is where they spend a majority of their time. So, a little splurge on your sleep sanctuary is only well deserved. Complete with four-poster beds, wall-to-wall windows, gilded pieces and glamorous wall treatments, here’s the ultimate online resource of deluxe bedroom designs. This list …

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