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45 Breathtaking Pergolas

Pergolas have become popular landscaping structures that date back to the Italian Renaissance. When they first came into existence, they were grand items of masonry, but now, they also include wood structures. Pergolas often have vines crawling up their support beams and offer pieces of shade during the hot, sunny months. Some Pergolas are even completely covered to offer a patio full shade and protection from the rain. They are often long, linear structures that stretch over garden pathways and other landscaped regions.

Many people confuse pergolas and gazebos and when you see one next to another, it is easy to understand why. There are also plenty of other outdoor structures that can confuse the matter as well. Gazebos are generally pavilion structures that are often round or have other shapes and they normally have domed roofs. They can be freestanding or attached to something, but they are usually open on all sides. Some give shelter while others are just there for aesthetics. Pergolas, on the other hand, have a lattice framework that includes uprights and crossbeams. They can be freestanding or attached to a house, but they are generally long and square or rectangular in shape.

Both pergolas and gazebos have their place in the landscape world, but these pergola examples have a great purpose and breathtaking beauty.

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This pergola offers quite a bit of shade with a covered region under the cross beams. The dark wood and natural stone setting underneath gives the area a modern, natural appearance.


This example has a crude beauty that is both natural and stylish. The big stone columns take you back to the origination of the pergola while the weathered wood fits in with the trees around the structure.


The vines have taken to the large columns on this pergola. Many structures have vines growing up them and this is a prime example of wonderful growth.


With green surrounding every inch of the beams, this structure fits into the natural feel of the space. Those sitting beneath the beams will be comfortable and one with nature.


This structure is more modern and finished. It offers shelter from a sudden rain storm and a great place to dry off after a swim.



The natural color of the wood blends into the trees in the background allowing onlookers to enjoy the view without interruption.


This pergola shows the lattice work that often accompanies these structures. There are minimal vines growing up the lattice, but it could be fully enclosed with green.


The dark wood beams blend with the bench under the roof, which provides a slight bit of shade on the hottest days.



Pergolas can offer an escape from sun while allowing homeowners to remain outside in order to enjoy the garden and landscaping areas.


Some home owners enjoy covering portions of their pergolas in order to block the sun. The shaded area is a great sitting region to enjoy the outdoors without getting too hot.


It is almost hard to tell where the pergola ends and the plants begin. The red brick gives the structure added strength and a pop of a different color.


Pergolas do not have to be varied in color because the lattice work allows plant and vine growth that will give the backyard all of the colors it needs. In fact, one color is plenty to give the structure everything it needs.vintagefoyer_0309151112

This pergola is simple and straightforward, but adds some style to the pool region. The top could be covered for shade on a hot day.


This structure is set up more like a four season, outdoor porch. The netting is versatile and when it is pulled back, it gives the area a lovely, dramatic flair. When it is closed, it keeps bugs away if you want to enjoy a snack inside without worries.vintagefoyer_0309151114

This simple pergola acts as a frame for the beautiful greenery around it. The trees likely change colors in the fall and offer an even more stunning view. The hill would be very plain without the structure.vintagefoyer_0309151115

With a flash back to the Italian Renaissance, this structure looks as if it came from another country. Adding statues and stone benches nearby gives the space an additional edge.


Picture an evening dance under this pergola with beautiful water front views. The sleek flooring would be rather plain without the structure in the center to dress it up.


The lattice work on top of this large pergola offers bits of shade and allows vines to take over the structure with ease.


Adding a simple pergola to a backyard space can turn the area into something new and different. This pergola offers shade and protection so the outdoor dining and sitting area are easy to enjoy at any time.


This lovely pergola matches the house, but adds flair as the home moves from the patio into the yard area. It acts as a divider between the two regions and breaks the different colors apart.


Sometimes all a picnic spot needs is a little shade and this pergola offers just that. It also gives the simple space extra style and allows the greenery around the edge of the patio to come into the space around the posts.


The contrast of the water and the wood of the pergola looks lovely and the plants in the middle stand out, bringing a natural element to the structure.


These structures line the driveway and greet guests as they are ushered from the concrete to the garden portion of the property.


This structure turns the plain patio into a stylish sitting area. The stark wood offers slight protection and gives the area an indoor/outdoor feel.


This example offers homeowners protection on two sides and gives the outdoor space a stable feel. The style continues in the table, which echoes the wood colors and simplicity.


This slightly curved pergola follows the intricate stone path and adds to the pattern of the garden. It appears just as old as the trees around it and fits right in while standing out.


This pergola looks quite plain alone, but the dark wood contrasts with the white fabric and stone flooring and offers a great place for a romantic wedding at the beach.


Pergolas do not have to be large to add to the garden. This small example offers shade and rain protection while adding a pop of color to the center of the green area.


This lovely pergola brings a light color to the dark region and brightens the path while offering bits of shade and added style.


This small pergola gives the home outdoor style that allows guests to know they will be comfortable both inside and out of this house.


When the sun is too hot for direct exposure, this pergola offers a bit of shade and respite from the water. Anyone who enjoys this space will still have plenty of gorgeous views and the cool breeze.


The dark color of this structure brings the greenery into the otherwise stark white space. The plants sticking through the lattice work helps the area look even more natural.


The pergola in this picture acts as a frame for the outdoor sitting area. The area is highlighted and surrounded by the structure.


This example blends in by using the same color wood as the rest of the region. It simple looks like an extension of the house.


This pergola breaks up the garden by hanging over the path and giving those who walk by a place to rest and relax for a few minutes with a slight bit of shade.


Even a few bars of shade can be enough to give a dining area just what it needs to be comfortable for meals at any time of the day.


The natural logs give this structure a crude, rustic appearance and the vines crawling over the top add shade and beauty.


The colors in this flower garden spill off the roof of the pergola onto the baskets below and then to the ground. The beautiful image is hard to ignore.


Gardens do not have to be relegated to the ground with this pergola in the area. The flowers cover the top, which provides more shade and beauty all around the space.


When grouped together, pergolas can offer symmetry and break up the sunny areas around a pool. The bridge gives the space additional beauty and style.


The dark wood on this structure stands out against the house and brings the color of the roof down to the ground level. It offers slight shade and comfort for the sitting area.


Many pergolas offer shade because of lattice work that is situated on top of the structure. While this roof is plain, some have flowers and vines crawling across the surface.



This pergola fits right into the garden path and offers a different decoration to the nature walk. With vines crawling up the side, the structure looks right at home.


It would be easy to relax outside under a pergola of this nature with sun and wind protection on three sides. The simple structure allows the bedding in the middle to take center stage.