Thursday , June 13 2024

72 Inspiring Gazebos

Gazebos are open structures that are often round or have a hexagon or octagon shape. They generally feature dome-like roofs and sometimes have lattice work along the sides. They often sit somewhere that can offer a nice view while providing a bit of shade. Many even have seating and most are constructed of wood.

Small cities often feature gazebos at the center of town within a park. They are often in the middle of outdoor weddings and they turn up in films and pictures when romance is involved. Gazebos can be confused with many other structures, such as the pergola. Pergolas, when compared directly with a gazebo, are actually quite different. While they are both outdoor structures, pergolas are generally square or rectangular in shape while the gazebo is more round. Pergolas are also more open and are simply support beams and cross beams without much more decoration. Pergolas can offer some shade with lattice work, but never have a full roof like a gazebo.

There are many different uses for gazebos. Some are simply for aesthetics while others serve deeper purposes. Gazebos can double as outdoor dining areas, living space, a place to rest, a shady area, and many other things. These 72 gazebos give a wide variety of inspiration and style.

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This lovely open gazebo breaks up the green elements of the garden by bringing some lighter colors into the space. It also offers shade and a place to sit among nature.


This small gazebo feels like a room with its partial walls. The open areas allow plenty of fresh air to waft through while the roof gives full sun and rain protection.


The two-tiered roof allows this structure to become a centerpiece within a garden that already has lovely flowers and views.


The dark material used in this gazebo draws in the color of the fence and allows the gazebo to fit in and stand out at the same time.


This gazebo looks like a natural fit in this open space. It would be a great place to take a break and have a cool drink.


The unique tiles on the roof of this structure bring the fall colors to the space year round. The open aspect gives it a simple touch that allows it to fit in with ease.


The lattice work on this example give the otherwise simple structure an element of style and beauty. The small gazebo has just enough space for a family to dine.


This structure offers a multitude of beautiful views to anyone who visits it. With water on one side and the mountains on the other, it would be hard to leave the gazebo.


This unique structure looks like a log cabin in the woods, but doubles as a gazebo with open air elements and lattice work windows.


The brick work around this gazebo mimics its shape and highlights its beauty as it takes center stage within this patio area.


Gazebos do not have to be brand new in order to stand out. The weathered wood on this structure allow it to have an old-world element that is hard to replace.


This gazebo is in the perfect setting for its style. With the open views, it is easy to see for miles and the peaked roof make it a romantic space for weddings.


The darker colors on this gazebo allow it to stand out among the otherwise green background.


Many fancy gazebos are white, but this wooden structure proves that high style and class do not always have to feature white. The intricate carvings add to the intrigue of this beautiful gazebo.


The weathered roof contrasts with the bright white sides and states that the gazebo has seen a lot, but still stands beautifully.


Adding natural colors to the top of the gazebo helps to draw the look together. The flooring and roof are similar colors and set off the white rungs between.


The shape of this structure looks straight out of China and the patterned roof and overhang make it an extraordinary sight.


Most gazebos have pitched roofs, but this one is less dramatic in its angle. To make up for that, it has beautiful greenery and flowers along the roof to add extra flair.


This delicate gazebo does not offer much shade or protection, but it does frame the small sitting area in the center of the garden.


The large pillars fit in with the chunky walls in this space. The gorgeous view deserves a gazebo for guests to enjoy.


This gazebo looks more like a bungalo in the forest. The thatched roof and staircase make it a unique two-story structure.


This simple, elegant structure adds to the garden by lining the path and allowing homeowners to take a break in the middle of the natural setting with a shaded sitting area.