Friday , July 19 2024

69 Best Colourful Bedrooms

Colourful bedrooms for children


Blooming in blue

For older teenagers who want a relaxing space where they can escape too with little fuss, this stylish and low maintenance blue bedroom is the perfect chill out zone.


Awesome orange

Orange is a powerful colour and can be found overwhelming if not used to its best. This teenager’s bedroom uses a bright colour to add fun to the room, but toned down slightly with modern and quirky, but cooling, features like this ornate photo frame and funky curtains.


Boho chic

For the style conscious and world conscious teenager, a boho bedroom is the perfect answer. Muted tones mixed with jewel brights, lots of embellishments and plenty of textures help to give this room its bohemian charm.


Pink that packs a punch

In interior design, pink is used as a very softening and feminine shade. The deeper shade of pink used in this bedroom brings a very different element to the bedroom, with lots of power and boldness. Black, orange, and cream supporting colours make this a cool and unique bedroom that is miles away from the traditional pink teenage getaway.



Feature wall bright

To bring bright popular colours into a child’s bedroom that isn’t overbearing, include one bold feature wall with complementary bold accents, instead of painting all walls in the same bright shade.


Softening stripes

Thin stripes are a great way to bring bold colour palettes into a room without making a major impact on the colour palette. Using thin stripes separated with white, the tones of blue, green, and orange add great colour to the room that is subtle yet fun.


Multi-coloured throw

The most redeeming and eye catching feature of this room is the homemade,colourful throw. It brings personality to the room, but an important and exciting colour splash.


Transitional bedroom

This bedroom is the perfect decor for a teenager with mature and minimal style, but still has the relaxing and studying elements. We still see elements of fun in splashes of bold colour and stuffed toys, but a muted colour palette and dark wooden furniture make this perfect for young adults.


Modern femininity

We love this modern twist on the traditional pink bedroom for younger girls. Pink walls are slightly muted and balanced by white borders, and the bold patterned bed furnishings amplify the colour and impact, but don’t hinder the style of the room.


Playroom combination

This bedroom utilises its storage to the maximum, combining bedroom elements – a bed and storage – with a desk, toys, and television that would normally fill a traditional playroom. Extra bright colours that are balanced by lighter tones give this colourful bedroom the perfect compromise between work, rest, and play.


Pink punctuation

If your not-so-little-one is growing out of her traditional feminine bedroom, give her a grown up twist by decorating a very light and airy bedroom that is punctuated with bright pink accents


Attic treehouse

A simple wall mural can cost very little investment, time, and effort if you’re the creative sort. This gorgeous tree addition gives this bedroom a sense of adventure by turning the entire room into a fun tree house hideaway.