Thursday , June 13 2024

77 Refreshing L-Shaped Kitchen Designs


The built in appliances are seamless in this design and fit in naturally without standing out too much. They make the kitchen look even larger and more open.


The open nature of this kitchen helps it to be a place where guests and family members can gather out of the way without leaving the person preparing the meal out of the conversation.


Islands often help to break up the space in an L-shaped kitchen. They separate the kitchen from other rooms and have other versatile uses as well.


This long, narrow kitchen gives the cook a little more room to maneuver between important areas like the stove and sink and fridge.


The L-shape works well in smaller spaces, but the halfway helps the room feel large and open despite its actual square footage.


There are many different ways to organize an L-shaped kitchen. Spacing the essential areas out a bit gives the user more counter space between items.


In larger spaces, islands help to take up some floor space that would otherwise be wasted. They are highly useful and can help separate the cooking area from the other portions of the home.

Awesome White Kitchen Cabinets Wooden Floor Bench Woven Rattan Chair An island seating area is a great place for kids to do homework while parents work on kitchen-related jobs. This L-shaped kitchen flows right into another casual dining area as well.


The lower portion of this L-shaped kitchen is actually a raised breakfast bar, which helps separate the kitchen from the next room while keeping the open aspect.


This smaller kitchen has everything it needs and the slight L-shape keeps it as open and airy as possible.


The work space in this room are well spread apart, making it simple to have several people helping in the kitchen at once without getting into one another’s way.


This kitchen is definitely L-shaped, but the bent breakfast counter at the edge of the space and the circular island give it a whole different feel.


Uniquely shaped islands can create an intriguing design in an otherwise standard L-shaped kitchen.


Large islands take up a lot of space, but they can be useful in a number of ways as well. This island can seat a handful of people and be a work space at the same time.


The island in this kitchen mimics the L shape of the space, giving it a symmetrical look and feel.


The long narrow island gives the cook plenty of work space no matter where they are when they turn around. With extra storage beneath every counter, this kitchen is a dream.


There is no reason for the island to infringe upon the kitchen’s space in this large room. The extra space between the island and the rest of the counter takes the cook a few extra steps, but it makes room for guests and family members.


This L-shaped kitchen is a good example of the design without an island. The open design lets the rooms flow together without interruption.


This L-shaped kitchen is close to the same in length and width. The appliances are spaced out in an aesthetically pleasing manner.


While L-shaped kitchens all have the same general shape, the placement of the essential appliances can differ quite a bit. This kitchen places the oven and fridge right next to each other while it spaces the stove, dishwasher and sink out a bit.


It is often handy for a microwave and oven to sit next to each other in an L-shaped kitchen while the dishwasher is right behind the stove top in the island.


This L-shaped kitchen extends the shape in a lopsided, eye pleasing manner by allowing the island to go beyond the shorter portion of the L.


When kitchens are large and open, they flow into the next space almost as if it was all one room.


No one ever has to be out of the conversation in a kitchen this open and accessible from the dining area.


Some islands blend right into L-shaped kitchens lending functions and aesthetics with ease.


This standard L-shape is dressed up by an island with pillars that even has storage on the end. The other design aspects of the kitchen bring its functions together with high style.


Some L-shaped kitchens have islands with counters the same size as the bar beneath while others, like this one, have space for chairs under the island.