Friday , July 19 2024

Stephanie Ayre

Custom Luxury Wine Cellars (40 Photos)

As we look back into centuries past, there seems to be one luxury that has withstood time to remain one of the most popular and regarded indulgences across the world: wine. Wine cellars are an additional investment that allows any wine lover or collector a special space to house and …

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69 Best Colourful Bedrooms

Color is a crucial element in any interior design project, whether you’re packing it in or playing it safe. Color has the ability to play with our emotions and have a major effect on our moods and how the atmosphere of our rooms make us feel.Dark colors will probably add …

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51 Beautiful and Functional Small Bathrooms

How we feel about our bathrooms is a funny one. They’re not the most glamorous room of any home, but they do provide very important functions and we can spend a lot of our time in there polishing and preening, so it’s certainly worth investing in some fantastic bathroom interior …

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55 Stunning Bedrooms with Fireplaces

A bedroom isn’t the most traditional or popular choice for adding a fireplace, but we’re seeing more and more people opt to add a source of light and warmth to their bedrooms instead of or alongside the fireplace in their living rooms. By bringing extra warmth and light into the …

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