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Beautifully Natural Log Home Interiors


No two log bedrooms ever have to be alike and what works in one log bedroom may not work in another. Experimenting with bed frames, colors, decorations, bedding and other elements of style help homeowners come up with the right combination in each bedroom. Here are some examples of log home bedrooms to explore.


This bedroom extends the log look right into the bed, making a seamless transition from the walls into the bed frame. Personal style comes into play with the bedspread and wall hangings.


Log bedrooms do not have to feature too much in order to be beautiful. A simple bedspread, window decoration, and painting is plenty to do this room justice.


This log bedroom blends together beautiful with a natural bed and storage chest. The bedding matches the window coverings well and everything looks amazing together. The white wall helps the natural light make the room look bigger than it is.


The dark nature of this bed contrasts with the log walls and sets off the wood coloring. Minimal decorations are always okay in a bedroom with such lovely walls.


Homeowners who like a little color have found that deep red goes nicely in the bedroom. The woodsy decorations always fit in well with log cabin bedrooms.


This bright room is a great place to relax at any time of the day. The bed matches the walls and dresser and the green carpet and window covering bring even more nature inside.


This room might come off too dark and small if it were not for the lighter rugs and decorations that give it depth. When the wall and floor wood is dark, light items in the room can open it up.


This room gives off an elegant country style with light planks and gingham bed spread. The white brings more light into the room white contrasting with the window coverings.


This log bedroom is simple and elegant. It has everything it needs without overwhelming any guest with too much. The dark frame sets off the white bed and allows users to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding wood walls and floors.


Some rooms do a good job of breaking up the wood look. This room has tiled floors and one wall that shows off a bright yellow color. The artwork ties the modern elements into the old fashioned wood.


Smaller bedrooms do not have to feel stuffy. The white option on the bed opens any room up and the colors on the wall give the room a pop of style. Natural light never hurts a log room either.


This room is both cabin-like and modern. The prevalent logs are hard to ignore, as are the bright contrasting colors.


Some log bedrooms bring many different styles in to play. This room has minimal logs and inset ceilings as well as intriguing lighting and olive green colors.

vintagefoyer_030915234 vintagefoyer_030915235

This bright bedroom is highly inviting with its coordination of bedspread and window covering. The bed and nightstand match one another and tie the log look together.


Most rooms need a lot of natural light, but a bedroom does well with soft lighting. The above the bed lamps give the room a natural feeling while the log bed does the rest.


This bedroom is large enough for a few different styles with bed coverings that contrast one another while looking good together.


Handmade quilts look great in log bedrooms, especially on natural log-looking frames. This room looks like it came straight from the first log cabins.


In some rooms, there is no need for any decoration other than some good color on the bed. That is enough to set off the wood and highlight the flooring at the same time.


The unique bed in this room looks like an extension from the wall and really takes the log look to a new and beautiful extreme.


The astounding ceiling line makes it hard to decorate this room very much so as not to overshadow its natural beauty. Add a few highlights of color and stand back and admire the result.

vintagefoyer_030915254 vintagefoyer_030915255


While bright colors sometimes work in log bedrooms, natural colors always look nice. The cream and green color scheme fits right into the log walls.