Thursday , June 13 2024

Beautifully Natural Log Home Interiors

Kitchen & Dining Areas

While living rooms often house families, the kitchen is where everyone really gathers. The kitchen is often the busiest room in the house and it is a space everyone frequents on a regular basis. Even if it is bustling, it can still be beautiful, especially in a log home. Here are a few ways homeowners have organized and decorated their kitchen and dining areas.




This open space allows the family to be together, even if they are in separate rooms. The minimal added decoration lets the log walls and high ceilings speak for themselves. There is plenty of room for extra people at any time and the dark rugs draw more color from the light wood.



This kitchen and dining room area has an elegant feel to it with mixed wood stains that contrast and complement one another. The darker rug looks great on the light floor and the colorful artwork gives the room style and personality.


A great way to highlight the color of the wood in a log kitchen is to accent the natural wood with more natural wood. The log chairs and table are awe inspiring on the knotty pine floors surrounded by real log walls.


This arrangement brings an all natural feel into the room. Not only does the log cabin appeal blend with the cabinets, but the stone around the kitchen bar looks like it comes right from the river out back. Even the table highlights nature with a handcrafted appearance. Add a few nature-like decorations and the room is complete.


With the dark logs in this room, it might be rather dark if it were not for the bright cabinets and counters. Those lighter colors make the space feel more open and functional.


Coordinating colors in log dining area can be a challenge, but this room proves it can be done with ease. The floor and table look similar while the walls and ceiling match. The darker cross boards on the ceiling bring out the color of the black table chairs nicely.


Sometimes the only thing the log kitchen needs in order to set off the color of the cabinets is black appliances. This open space has wood everywhere you look, but the black appliances help the beauty of the wood stand out more.


Green is a great color to couple with most log cabin kitchen and dining areas. It fits in with the natural theme and brings color into the room.


In order to get an even more rustic look, the kitchen bar is surrounded with natural stones and the wall hangings feature plentiful antlers. The kitchen brings a bit of color into the space with stylish checkerboard backsplashes.


Wicker that matches the wood looks amazing in this casual dining setting. The natural light allows bright dining for much of the day and added plants bring nature indoors.


This kitchen sticks to all things cabin with knotty pine cabinets, natural looking stone bar surrounds, and rustic seating. Even the counters and backsplashes fit into the natural feel of the room.


This room proves that a little color never spoils the log look. The natural green brings the logs out while the couch helps the room feel brighter. The area is small, but the light cabinets and minimal decorations keep it open.