Thursday , June 13 2024

Beautifully Natural Log Home Interiors


Bathrooms are unique elements within a log home. They can be completely different than the rest of the house or they can fit into the overall log home style. Their size and homeowner personality will determine a lot. Here are a few examples of bathrooms within log homes.


This bathroom continues the log home style in ever manner. The natural walls and cabinets could be in any room in the house and the toilet and tub fit in with their neutral color.


This bathroom also looks natural and beautiful by using every inch of wood possible in its design. The room breaks the wood up with white pieces and bright rugs.


White is a good color to place against wood because it helps bring extra light into the room and it breaks up the wood on wood look.

Other Rooms

Some log cabins have miscellaneous rooms that could be one of many things. They are harder to style, but here are a few ideas for elements that not every house has available.


This stairway adds even more beauty to the natural wood. The fancy black bars give it style while the bench at the bottom fits right into the wall.


Many log homes have fireplaces and they are all different. This fireplace sets off the wood in the rest of the house by using natural looking stones. The wood comes in again on the mantel while the black catches the eye immediately.