Thursday , June 13 2024

58 Dream Foyers

Foyer is not a place a lot of people spend much time in, but it is the first impression anyone gets of the interior of a home. Foyers can be inviting, or they can turn visitors and potential buyers away. While they do not have to be overdone, they are important in the grand scheme of the home.

How the foyer is decorated depends on a lot of things. First, the size and style of the foyer is very important. There are only so many things a homeowner can do with a space based on how it is set up. Second, the style of the rest of the home needs to be considered. No one wants to go into a Victorian foyer and then walk into a country house. Third, the homeowner’s personality will help determine many of the details as well.

While the foyer may not be the most important aspect of the home, it has the ability to make a huge impression on any guest and can set the tone for the rest of the house. These examples show some truly phenomenal foyers as examples of elegance, style, class, and personality in order to bring a home together at first glance immediately upon entrance.


This astounding foyer gives away more of the house than most. The split staircase allows a view of the dining area, which coordinates with the colors in the staircase.


This regal foyer brings elegant dark colors together with light staircases. The effect is almost as if the dining area behind the foyer is sitting in a frame.


This modern look is all black and white with a few shots of gray. The result is high class and elegant as well as inviting.


Dark and light colors go well together in any foyer and this entrance also brings a few neutral colors into the picture to give the room added style.


Guests feel more welcome when there are homey arrangements sitting within the foyer. It often makes them want to step in to examine the details of the home.


This foyer is fit for a kin with a curving staircase and intricately patterned rug. The unique ceiling sets off the dark wood.


The beautiful pattern on the floor steals the show in this foyer, but its sophistication continues up with the dramatic ceiling and chandelier for a complete entrance.


This welcoming entrance shows a little bit of the house with peaking doors into other rooms and a large staircase going up. The featured table offers beautiful flower arrangements and plenty of open space.


A unique entrance that features colored lights behind glass and cool, carpeted stairs gives off a vibrant tone.


The interesting stair shape invites guests in the front door and straight up the stairs. They are set off by colorful wood floors and soft lighting.


This foyer has mostly muted earth tones, but those colors are put together nicely with a patterned tile floor. The neutral tones bounce off the bright colored chair just off the entry.


These beautiful wood floors help to show off the spiral staircase as the eyes move up, over the artwork and onto the lighting above.


This entry does a great job of using light and dark in a dramatic combination. Onlookers never know what will hit them next, dark wood floors, light tiles, white walls, intriguing lighting and so on.


The rich colors of this foyer stand out against the neutral walls and tiles below. The carpet runner brings out the colors in the rug and the mirror brings the ornate look into the area.


This foyer would look rather ordinary without the well-shaped window in the background. Add the claw-foot table and interesting plants and statues and the entry becomes welcoming.


With a split staircase, this space looks very geometric. The white and black contrast are stark and interesting.


Some foyers have too much of the same color and the neutral tones in this entrance might be overwhelming if it were not for the darker tones in the carpet runner, which help the guest move into the style of the next room.


This foyer has a classy, high-end look with lovely tiled floors and an old world grandfather clock featured near the stairs.


Light colors make a foyer look light and spacious and a highly patterned rug help to give the area style and variance.


The high contrast between the wood floors and the white walls are further highlighted by the chair runner along the walls and the geometric shapes. The contrast is broken up with a lovely patterned rug that coordinates well with the carpet runner on the stairs.


This country style foyer has dark floors and lighter walls with light patterns that help segue to the next room.


This modern look resembles a piano as the stairs alternate between black and white. The white floors and dark railing echo that pattern and complete the look.


Tile patterns can give a foyer an extra lift and the brown alternation with the neutral helps to bring the guest into the style of the next room. The dark door sets off the entrance as guests leave as well.


The textured walls do a lot to open the space in this foyer and the contrast with the dark flooring is exceptionally beautiful as well.


Entryways can have automatic spice with carpet runners up elegant stairs. Choose a nice contrast and a pleasing pattern and the whole foyer works.


The pleasing pattern on this floor brings an elegant feel to the foyer. The black spindles coming off wood railings accents the colors around it.


These large stones shine under any light and the foyer comes to life with a patterned rug. The double doors open wide for natural light or extra guests.


There are plenty of beautiful elements in this foyer beginning with the star on the floor and moving all the way up to the lavish chandelier. All of the items between coordinate with those two highlights.


The unique circular stairway acts as a centerpiece for this foyer where nothing else is really needed. The light and dark tones set off the center of the area.


This elegant design is simple and lavish without overstating itself. The smart chairs are inviting and decorative and make guests feel comfortable immediately.


This foyer goes back and forth between dark and light with ease starting with the stairs and continuing with the table and benches.


The beauty in the staircases deserves to be seen and the minimal decorations around the rest of the foyer sets off the fact that the staircase is really all that is needed.


The staircase railing is elaborate and it would be easy to overdo this foyer, but the decorative rug and simple vases with sticks helps to bring the foyer into the rest of the home.


The right angle on the floors is a unique touch to this gorgeous entry. The simplicity and attention to detail makes the foyer flow in a seamless manner.


This room appears stark in its whiteness, but the few dark accents on the stairs draws out the color of the floor and table.


This natural-looking foyer utilizes wood and stone to bring some of the outdoor elements into the house to form a welcoming manner.


The dark and light colors are very modern, but the rug gives the foyer a splash of color that keeps it from being too boring or formal.


This foyer is mostly light and cherry, but the dark chairs serve as reminders that other color schemes are coming in deeper portions of the house.


The color coordination in this foyer is exquisite with neutral tones in both dark and light color regions. The soft lighting sets off both tones and shows how well they work together.


This space uses patterns nicely with diamonds on the staircase as well as in the tile floors. The entry moves right into the dining area and stars a whole new pattern there.


The light colors in this foyer make it appear even more large and open than it is. The darker landing going up the stairs changes the pattern of the area and sets the pace for the rest of the house.


The door in this entry way echoes its pattern on the railing and draws the foyer together in an intriguing manner. That same pattern can be seen in the candleholder on the table and even on the mirror.


Dark and light work well together in this vast entry, which can double as a relaxing sitting area. The light color tones bring interest into the space without being overwhelming.


The landing features an intriguing stone pattern that draws the eye deeper into the home immediately upon entrance.



This light entrance brings natural appeal by using the overhead shelf space for plants and decorations.


A beautiful staircase is hard to beat and the simplicity of the rest of the foyer shows that the stairway is meant to be the eye-catching feature of the space.


This room might come off as too bright and light in color if it were not for the change of pace with the carpet runner and rug. Those items take the foyer to a whole new level of style.


Sometimes, a plain foyer can be dressed up with ease by using an Oriental rug to welcome guests.


The rounded staircase catches the eye, but the rest of the home is easy to see from this entry. Decorating the rooms nearby in a welcoming manner is paramount to the foyer’s overall success.


This foyer has an ornate, old-world feel with large statues holding vases on either side of the door. The mixture of stone, brick and tile is unusual and makes the entry stand out.


This foyer chose an enlightened color scheme and stuck to it. With country blue, pale yellow and wood, the beauty of the decorations are hard to forget.


Carpet runners up gorgeous staircases can really add a lot of style to a foyer. Echoing the paint color in another room nearby brings that color into the rest of the house with ease.


The flooring runs in a seamless manner through other rooms of the house, but the staircase breaks up the monotony with its simply elegance.


The graceful symmetry of the split staircase is highlighted with the floral print surrounding it.


Wood floors are always gorgeous and this box pattern brings a new element of beauty to the foyer. The different colors draw out the various tones in the room.


The tones in the rug are easy to pull out from other areas of the foyer, which makes the entry look more enticing as guests move into the rest of the home.


The foyer has white and black elements, but the rug draws in the colors from surrounding rooms to add style to the entry.


Varying different tones of the same color works nicely in this entry with two different greens and a variety of white tones. The colors are broken up with an intriguing mirror and table set off to the side.