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51 Beautiful and Functional Small Bathrooms


Art-house bathroom

Many people use the bathroom to store favorite pieces of art. Maybe it doesn’t fit with the theme in any other room but they want to showcase it in a popular room where family and guests will visit, or maybe they want to make their bathroom unique. Either way, your bathroom is a perfect stage for your favorite pieces. Just make sure you consider the steam and humidity that bathrooms exude.


Cosy comforts

The addition of a few homely decorative items, including a plant, mirror, and artwork, help this small and cosy bathroom to become more comfortable and certainly more personal to the owners.


No style sacrifices

Absolutely no sacrifices have been made to this bathroom due to the smaller than usual size of the room. Beautiful and modern lighting, contemporary and modern storage solutions, plenty of texture and a modern but understated colour palette all contribute to this warming, pleasant, and modern small shower room.


Sumptuously stripy

Horizontal stripes of varying lengths help to heighten this narrow room and make the room feel taller, but the coffee and caramel tones of the stripes give the room a very cool and mid-century kind of style. We love the funkiness and uniqueness of this bathroom.



This truly unique room exudes both personality and style in bucket loads. Camouflage effect tiling provides a great and unique feature to the room, and mixed with wooden storage units, lots of plants and lots of light, creates a very cool and modern jungle-inspired bathroom.


Coffee style stripes

This is an unusual and modern twist on monochromatic design in small kitchens. It’s modern, minimalistic in shape, and the horizontal stripes very cleverly help to widen and elongate the rather small room. High light fittings showcase one of the room’s most redeeming features, a very high ceiling, and a bathroom rug brings softness to the home.


Changing rooms

We love the colour palette of this smaller bathroom and how the unusual shaped bathroom with staging brings more shape and depth to the room. The blue and white tiles are a kitschy reminder to the fun and frivolity of communal swimming pool, but this time with a more personal and private feeling.


Double act

This funky bathroom employs two entirely separate design styles. If you can’t decide how to decorate your bathroom, why not merge two entirely different styles for a fun and unique twist on the traditional? Here, a bright and funky shower space with blue and yellow tiles brings a summery slant to the bathroom, whilst the other side of the room uses neutral and outdoors-y hues for a very simple and timeless effect.


Mellow yellow

Toned down yellow hues set the tone for this entire bathroom. Covering an entire spectrum of yellow on the color palette, from cream to gold, these homeowners have decided on a bathroom color and gone at it hard. It has paid off, because what they’re left with is a warming, unique, and summery bathroom that is modern, stylish, and personal.


Surrounded by slate

This very small bathroom acknowledges its limitations and includes a mirror that surrounds the room to bring more light and space to the room. Surrounded entirely by slate grey tiles, they reflect the light and flow well so that there are no sudden breaks to the décor. The décor is minimal apart from a few personal additions, which turns this bathroom into a minimal bathroom haven.


Creative layouts

This narrow and long bathroom has used a very creative layout, placing a narrow shower room side by side with the sink and storage, so that appliances aren’t limited and the room makes full use of the space that is available.


Classic modernity

Although it’s strictly modern with its grey and white colour palette, clean lines and inoffensive features, this bathroom is very classic in its layout. It is inoffensive, efficient, and stylish. It’s the perfect bathroom partner for a lively, young, family home.


Creative storage

Whether you have very little ones or you want to bring more fun and storage to your small bathroom, this is the way to go. Built in wooden cabinets have been painted in bold and fun colors, but are also easy to use and access, being creative in the use of space.


Mixed utility room

Being really creative with space available, this bathroom has the added functionality of a washing machine, to save more room in this family home and make sure that any spare space is being used as efficiently as possible. This also keeps the traditionally unsightly washing machine out of the more stylish kitchen. A very clever decision.


Rainbow of blue

As we’ve already discussed, blue and white make the perfect colour partners for any kind of bathroom. This one cleverly uses a spectrum of all shades of blue to balance the hues out, and sticks to white appliance and minimal décor so that the colour maintains its place as the room’s key feature. Simply stunning.


Old fashioned elegance

We love this old fashioned and elegant bathroom with a brown and white colour palette. The ornate sink table reminds us of a 1940’s powder room, but the modern shelving and lighting make this the perfect match with contemporary bathroom style.


Contemporary is key

This bathroom sticks to a very clinical and minimal design style, but in its simplicity it is elegant and modern. The subtle differences between white and cream make an impact as the only contrast in the room and we adore the brightness of the mirror side lighting.


Creative corner sink

If you’re really lacking wall space in your small bathroom, which is a common challenge, a funky corner sink like this one can really work and free up space at the same time. A mirror mounted at the same angle makes a unique feature out of the corner sink and a funky twist on the traditional bathroom layout.


Fun with colour accents

In a classic but successful attempt at bringing life into this very plain and traditional kitchen, these homeowners have added splashes of red, blue, and yellow to bring an entire spectrum of fun colours to their bathroom. The stained glass windows change the colour of the light that accesses the room, so the colour of the room is already tainted with warming reds and yellows before the décor was added.


Farmhouse style stone

This bathroom uses classic and rustic style stone to decorate walls and flooring, but keeps to a neutral colour palette to retain some contemporary style. Wood panelling and a decorative shower curtain add style to this bathroom, which is uniquely rustic and modern at the same time.


Marvellous Mediterranean bathroom

The golden and amber tones of this room, coupled with the unique wrought iron shelving unit and bright canvas, give this bathroom a strong sense of the Mediterranean.


Shiny simple

Our favourite part of this bathroom is the stand out reflective wooden floor. It doesn’t just reflect any light in the room, but its sleekness and style is both modern and timeless. It brings contemporary style to the plain and simple bathroom, and conveys a small hint of luxury too.