Friday , July 19 2024

37 Inspiring Front Yard Landscaping Ideas


Rectangles are far from boring as seen in this yard’s elevated planter.  The sparsely occupied rock garden is not only chic, but also low-maintenance. Light-colored pebbles and rocks beautifully contrast the reddish tone of the outlining mulch.


The foliage in this front yard is kept lush, giving it a secret garden vibe. It also features a small standing fountain and a straight walkway in red brick.


Another Spanish style home with a delightful dry garden features a wide variety of succulents and drought-tolerant plants. Slabs of natural cut stone lead to the home’s front door, making them stand out on a bed of warm-toned sand.


Picture-perfect suburban home with a vast green lawn, broken up in the middle by a rich red pathway. The same brick is used for the planters housing tall, columnar bushes on the left side of the home’s façade, and mid-length ones on the right.


Decorative tropical plants – banana, palm, flowering frangipani – and other colorful foliage are ideal for a warm, humid yard. This large villa is reminiscent of balmy summer nights in paradise, with its red quarry tile paving and the delicious plant arrangement.


This exquisite cottage with a wide front yard looks straight out of Middle Earth. Tall cypress hedges are lined on the side as a fence, while beautifully organized bushes flank the doorsteps at the end of a straight walkway. Bright red and pink roses accentuate the evergreens.


A luxury home with an equally breathtaking yard.Wide keystone-patterned paving is lined by planters on each curvy side. Because the terrain is slightly sloped, retaining walls and elevated planters decked in natural stone were utilized. The rich hues of lilac and red maple are seen upfront, while the background keeps the same tall pines as the surrounding woods.


This yard keeps it modern with square concrete slabs for driving and walking. Two flowerbeds are found on each side of the walkway, with little lavender plants in bloom. The left side of the planter is a curvy border, which helps soften the straight edges.


Tiny blue house with wide green yard.Dark green viburnum shrubs serve as front hedging, while evergreen and flowering bushes mixed with dwarf palm are kept close to the home’s entrance. A simple concrete walkway cuts in the middle of the green lawn where a tall pine tree is kept at a safe distance on the left.


Expansive front yard outside the fence of a gated home. The right side features red keystone paving which transitions to a light gray boulder with a miniature tree sitting at its foot. A flagstone walkway sits in the middle and colorful perennials bloom on the flowerbeds and in pots hung on the gate’s roofed pergola.  Also featured is a miniature pagoda sitting right next to the gate.


This glass house with a cool boulder in the front yard is hard to miss. The landscaping is artistically customized to accommodate nature, choosing a mix of yucca plants strewn along the winding cobblestone pathway, with the fenced pool on one side, and the raised planter next to the boulder on the other. Natural rocks are also found arranged in the garden, with flowering shrubs and pines native to the area.


Here’s a striking, huge home designed like a ski lodge, overlooking a rocky slope. A separate entrance to the garden is a rock-lined path that winds up from the foot of the slope to the grassy lawn. Spearhead-shaped tall hedges line the side of the house, serving as a natural transition from the yard to the woods.


Climbing vines create such a marvelous welcome on an archway like this. Natural cut stone slabs are quirkily arranged as stepping-stones to the home, and toward a lush, elevated garden. Colorful perennials are found at the bottom of the porch, breaking up the green of the grass.


Terracing planters in sections make for an eye-catching uphill yard. This one has classic cobblestone paving, with stacked stone retaining walls. Small, flowering perennials and tall bushes are scattered on all beds except one covered in grass, where a fruit tree is planted.


Here’s the finale: a small house with cheery yellow exteriors featuring the most unique walkway covered in multi-sized stone discs. Evergreen shrubs lace the gravel-laden sides. Two potted plants adorn the wooden threshold, one growing free, and the other spiral shaped.