Friday , July 19 2024

37 Inspiring Front Yard Landscaping Ideas


An easy way to accessorize the yard is through garden pots like this terracotta one. It becomes the centerpiece, holding one uniquely shaped plant. All other bushes are kept to the edge of the lawn, bordering the home’s front porch.


The focal point of this front yard is definitely the spiral-shaped topiary, along with the swirling hedge to which it’s attached. It creates an attention-grabbing border between the grassy lawn and the concrete driveway.


This cottage garden makes use of brick pavers and light-colored pebbles for its straight and narrow walkway. Evergreen shrubs like dwarf holly, juniper and boxwood are mixed with lilies in the perennial garden.


Landscaping can help embellish a front yard that shares its space with the driveway, as seen here. An elevated circular planter walled in stone stacks is home to a mid-height tree and choice greenery. Leaves changing colors will keep this design fresh throughout the year.


Luxury landscaping is what this front yard embodies, combining elements of Japanese gardens as seen in the rock-and-pebble arrangement, with traditional American style. Here we see perfectly sized shrubs with a few flowering ones in the mix. At the end of the concrete driveway,are potted topiary plants in spiral and poodle shapes kept close to the gorgeous home’s exterior wall.


Another slightly downhill yard with a sprawling green lawn. A selection of tiny bushes and flowering plants are arranged on elevated planters on both sides of the steps, breaking the wide grass in a nice way.


Cherry blossom trees are one of the best to use foradding curb appeal. Here we see it bloom, along with the pink and white flowerbeds, in this home’s round shaped lawn. Remember that taller trees may completely cover the façade view, so keep them to the sides.


This vibrant front yard is alive both day and night thanks to the colorful lights.Another unique element is the playful shape of the concrete divider in the lawn.


Cozy cottage with a considerably wide lawn.This home is child-friendly with the open area and minimal, yet colorful foliage. The winding pathway adds to the charm.


Here’s another yard with a creative play on scale. A medium-sized tree and a large bush both sit on circular planters on one side of the walkway which leads to a semi-circle planter with carefully placed plants. The wild card is a round planter in the middle of the wide lawn, decorated as a mini rock garden.


While flowers are a tested way to add color to a garden, not all of them bloom year-round. And that’s how colored rocks, asin the splashes of cool blue in this yard’s planter,are a great choice to guarantee vibrancy every day of the year.


This corner garden magnifies the uniqueness of the sidewalk’s shape. Evergreens and flowering shrubs both on the ground and in colorful pots flank the curved stairway. The red fan-shaped trellis on the home’s exterior is an exciting addition to an already-pretty landscape.