Thursday , June 13 2024

6 Common Attic Usages that Add Value to Homes

When you think about your attic, a dusty, dingy space comes to your mind. It’s true that most attics are brushed off as a storage place that you hardly ever access. Most homeowners ignore the space completely and don’t even bother brainstorming ideas for different ways to use the square footage. While attic space comes in handy for storage, homeowners can create functional, beautiful spaces with the otherwise useless region of the house. If remodeled properly, attics can add quite a bit of value to a home. They can also give homeowners added usable space that they wouldn’t otherwise have. Whether you need an extra bedroom, a bathroom, more living space, a place to work out, or simply a place to play, the attic is a great space to consider using. Here are just a few examples of attic usages that can make your home more functional and more valuable.

1. Bedroom

Are there two kids in the house sharing a room? Does someone have to sleep on a couch when a guest comes to stay for a night? The attic may just be sitting above the home, gathering dust, but it really would make a nice extra bedroom. Here are a few examples of attic bedrooms to help with inspiration.

House Michela children room

Adding a wall of toys and a bright rug to this attic bedroom created a perfect sleeping and play place for any child.



Paint the attic in a new, bright color and let your child choose her favorite and she will be more excited about having her own space than ever. The new color brightens the room and brings personality to an otherwise useless space.


This bright attic space is cheery because of its light colors and decorations. The dark wood helps draw back the light colors while adding contrast to the room.


This attic bedroom looks like any other room in the house. It has plenty of space and an adult, rustic appearance. It would be great for a guest room or even a master suite.


Some attic spaces are on the small side, but there is still room for a bed and some drawers. The natural wood floors and bright lights make the room look large and open despite its size.


This attic bedroom has simple elegance with beautiful hardwood floors and few decorations. The light adds to the room while the splash of color on the bedspread and the intricate mirror bring in the style.


The large bed in this attic accommodated any guest and the beautiful flooring is sure to impress. Add a few highlights such as the tall vase and vanity mirror and the room is complete.


Some attics do not allow much height, but if you place the bed close to the floor, you get a unique appeal and still have plenty of space. This is a great room for a college aged child returning for the summer who needs his own space.


This attic room looks both modern and classy. Homeowners may have trouble getting rid of guests who stay in this space.


Other than the pitched ceiling, this space hardly looks like an attic at all. With plenty of room for both a bed and some chairs, the room is like its own little apartment.


Adding a fancy rug to the attic floor can spice up the room and give it a warmer look. Large attics can often fit more than just a bed and can be a great place for visiting guests to relax and read.


This attic room has rustic appeal with natural wood ceilings and beautiful hardwood floors. That experience continues with the wood bed and chairs and is broken up only by the brighter wall color, which is then echoed in the bedding.


Putting pictures on the sloped ceiling is a great way to break up the boring white walls. The dark floors give the room contrast and appeal and the intriguing window covering blocks some light, but lets enough natural lighting in at the same time.


Guests will feel as if they are in a log cabin retreat when they stay in this attic bedroom. The rustic ceilings draw out the color in the bed and the attic even has space for a small desk and drawers.


Not all attics have a lot of space and this room proves that sometimes, less is more. With plenty of room for a beautiful bed, this attic makes a great occasional guest room.


If the attic ceiling is too sloped for a bed, place the mattress on a low floor bed and use the rest of the floor like a bookcase.It’ll create an interesting look and allow for plenty of space.