Friday , July 19 2024

6 Common Attic Usages that Add Value to Homes

3. Living Room

No homeowner can ever have too many living areas. When space is cramped in other parts of the house, an extra living room is a great addition to any home. Having more space adds value to the house and it gives families more places to enjoy time together as well.

This lively space is highly versatile. It can be used for relaxation, reading, or study sessions. The dark rug matches the table and chair set while the lighter walls and couches bring in the light.

Ca rossa house is a rustic home located in Costigliole d'Asti Piedmont Italy

Making an attic into something anyone can enjoy is easy when you have space like this. You can use this living room for family time, entertaining, or even a makeshift bedroom with the couch that can double as a small bed.


This new living space is elegant sophistication and would be a great place for adults to relax after kids are in bed. It is also great for parties, movie nights and plenty of other occasions.


This attic lets in lots of light and looks much bigger than it is. Add a few shelves and some colorful chairs and you have a great living space.

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This living room looks minimal in its décor. It has beautiful ceilings and those are echoed in the tables. The dark chairs bring out a different element and the result is an elegant, yet comfortable room.


This living room exudes simple elegance with a modern flair. The bright chairs give the room a zap of color that brings out the floral arrangement while the muted floors and geometrical rug bring it all together. This is a great space for morning coffee and conversation.


Attics can even be modern and just as attractive as the rest of the house. This room is breathtaking and pulls off the modern style with high elegance. The black and white contrasts are complete with a long, narrow fireplace centerpiece.


The dark wood flooring begins the beauty of this room, which is mirrored up into the table. The pop of color on one wall brings extra style that is echoed in the couch as well. The bright walls help the room’s natural light come out better.


Larger attics make great gathering places and this black on white room can seat a whole family plus some guests.


Get a look that is similar to a log cabin in the attic by letting wood take over the floors, walls, and ceilings all at once. Add some color in the rugs and couches and you have an intriguing room.


This room moves to another level of comfort with flowing elegance starting in the window coverings. The soft throw pillows and stark white couch tie the room together. Adding a fancy chandelier helps the room become something even more special.


This unique room has a lot of pizzazz with checkerboard flooring and an oriental rug. The animal print chairs bring another level of intrigue into the room. Add colored lighting and enjoy the overall effect of the room.


Dark floors make natural light even more enjoyable. The darker colors continue in the entertainment center and the gray couch helps to break up the dark colors.


Elegance starts with the wallpaper and chair shape and continues onto the rug and beautiful flooring. This room is a great place for adults to gather for movies and conversation.