Friday , July 19 2024

6 Common Attic Usages that Add Value to Homes

2. Bathroom

Adding a bathroom to a home can increase its value tremendously. Plus, if you have a large enough family, there are never enough bathrooms. Whether you need another bathroom for your own family, or would appreciate more space when someone comes to visit, a bathroom in the attic is a great way to add value and function to any home. Here are a few examples of stylish bathroom attics.


Simple and elegant is always a great way to go with a bathroom. When you do not have a lot of space, a bathroom that is functional, but does not have a lot of decoration comes off nicely.


This attic turned into an epic relaxation station with a lovely claw-footed tub and natural toned stones. It is a great escape from everyday life.


With plenty of light, this bathroom has a large appeal and a modern flair. The white elements contrast with the wood on the walls and the bright rug brings a little color into the room.



With larger spaces, anything is possible. This bathroom includes a small sitting area and plenty of natural light. It is still private even with all the windows and the dark wood gives it a relaxing, natural tone.


Guests will feel like they are getting a hotel experience with double sinks and a large tub. The dark elements help the natural light to soften while the flooring brings the wall and the cabinets together.


Small bathroom can still be highly functional. The light colors makes this room feel larger and appear clean and elegant at all times.


Simple elegance brings relaxation into this attic where any family member can steal away for some time alone to soak in the tub.


This modern look is very streamlined and good for any guest or family member. An attic like this would add value to any home.


Adding a large, complete bathroom like this takes a home light years ahead in value. The bathroom is rather monochromatic, but pops of color in towels and rugs brings style to the area.