Friday , July 19 2024

6 Common Attic Usages that Add Value to Homes

4. Gym 

Some attics have more uninterrupted space than any other area of the house. Rather than waste the space on boxes and dust, some homeowners have enjoyed making the room into a home gym. Those who enjoy working out are not always comfortable traveling to a gym in order to break a sweat. There are a lot of advantages to having a home gym and attic space is often the perfect out of the way location for equipment. Here are a few examples of homes that have home gyms in the attic space.


This minimal attic has just enough room for all of the most useful pieces of gym equipment and still has room for sauna bath. With tiled floors, things are easy to move around and rearrange at any time.


This large attic space has enough room for several people to workout at once. With treadmill areas, weightlifting space and more, the attic has enough space for every piece most people really enjoy having on hand.


The stark white attic space is easy to clean and gives off a cheerful essence that will keep any homeowner moving during a workout. The white is set off by the dark equipment and rug.

5. Game Room

There isn’t always room in the house for everything a family wants to have and enjoy, but the attic is a large enough space to fit a few extra items families can really take advantage of on a regular basis. These game room examples show ways homeowners have used the attic space they have on hand to its fullest extent.


The attic has the perfect amount of space for a lovely pool table plus some added space for other games and relaxing. This is an attic where all of the teens want to hang out, just where parents know they are safe and having fun.


Attics sometimes have great windows and allow for great natural lighting and fun ceiling patterns. This attic, though long and narrow, has enough room for games and even a table for cards.

6. Other/Get Creative!

The attic does not have to be used for any one thing. It can be a bedroom, office, living area, game room, or something else entirely. The decision is completely up to the homeowner based on their needs and wants. These attics are even more creative and add space to the house without cornering themselves into only one use


This attic is a great, cozy, quiet corner to use for work, reading, or relaxing after a long day. The beautiful wood floors make it versatile and the dark couch and stones give it color. The simple desk is great for kids coloring projects and adult finance work and anything in between.


This versatile space is open and airy. The good lighting allows homeowners to use it as a reading room, an artist’s corner, a relaxing hideaway and plenty more.


A bright space with a little seating can be many things. This attic is a great space for tea and conversation. It could also be used for reading, studying, card games, or many other things. The brightly colored chair and couch cushions give the space real personality.


This cozy space has real appeal with comfortable couches and plants. The attic can be anything a homeowner wants when it is set up in this manner.


This attic would make a great guest room, but it could also be a living area, a sewing space, a craft room, a reading area, and many other things. The possibilities are endless with all that natural light and the beautiful accent wall of color.

Attics work well for storage, but there are so many other things homeowners can use them for with a little creativity and thought. Whether the attic is turned into a bedroom, bathroom, living room, game room, or something else, adding floor space to a home only raises its functionality and value overall.