Friday , July 19 2024

72 Inspiring Gazebos


The grass roof on this structure give it a beach bungalow appearance and the open sides allow plenty of ocean area into the sitting area.


This enclosed gazebo offers an outdoor room to remain completely enclosed and safe from the elements. The windows give great views, but the rain will always stay out.


The astounding roof line on this structure make it hard to look away. The green bushes line the walkway going up to the centerpiece of the garden.


This gazebo looks like a delicate birdcage and just adds to the decorative value of the garden. The benches with the curved backs fit in well with the crooked stacked stone pillars.


The hexagon shape is set off with a rectangular table and patterned floor. The vines hanging from the lattice work at the top of the gazebo sets off the natural look.


This unique gazebo looks more like a piece of art than a relaxing place to rest. The tall pillars sets it apart from other structures of its nature and the vibrant colors makes it stand out against nature.


This example almost looks like a wishing well. The small setting is an intimate place for a chat or a relaxing place to think and be alone.


The grass roof look is unique for a gazebo, but it looks great in certain settings. This relaxing setting is made for a good book and a cold drink.


This beautiful structure has intricate designs that make it stand out among gazebos. The two-tiered roof is accentuated with the decorative rungs and the flooring echoes the roof shape.


This building looks like a greenhouse, but has many different uses. It is protective from weather, but offers great views on all sides.


This structure has a more oblong appeal that is unique to the gazebo world. The flower box on the side decorates the gazebo in a natural way and brings the garden up to the building.


Taller gazebos make great dining areas because the height makes them feel even bigger than they are. The stone pathway that leads up to the structure gives it an impeccable feel.


This gazebo resembles a cottage in the woods and it looks almost like you could move right in. The interior curtains make it obvious that attention to detail is important here.


Most gazebos are not square, but the pitched roof of this building allows it to still be considered a gazebo. The comfortable pillows beneath the roof make it a great place to relax in the shade.


Natural logs are great for pillars in gazebos that are meant to fit into the natural elements of a garden setting.


Many gazebos have night time lighting to accentuate their beauty and make them useful even after dark.


This beautiful gazebo looks as lovely from above as it does from down below. The decorative roof adds even more crescendo to its overall design.


The intriguing peak on the roof of this structure makes it stand out while the rest of the building is plain and versatile.


Lattice work is popular on gazebos since it lets air waft through, but also blocks some sun and other elements. In this case, the roof is another decorative portion of the building.


The darker colors in this structure help it to stand out on a lighter landscape. It gives wide, sweeping views without interruption and provides shade as well.


Many gazebos are lined with benches to allow guests to sit inside, enjoy the views, and have shade.


Lattice work is often used to decorate gazebos and add to their beauty.


This small gazebo is the perfect spot for an afternoon tea or snack with guests. The quaint table is sheltered under the full roof and out of the way.


The lovely contrast between the flowers and leaves and the white gazebo gives a striking view to anyone nearby.


This small structure is the perfect spot for a drink and a snack. The beautiful wood work is easy to admire and the open air makes it great for a day with a slight breeze.


Placing gazebos together is a great way to get plenty of shade in one location and dress up the view. One large gazebo can do the trick, but having several is even more aesthetically pleasing.


It is almost hard to tell if this is a gazebo or another bush. The beautiful foliage atop the gazebo hides it and allows it to fit into the background. It is a glorious place for relaxation among the trees.