Friday , July 19 2024

72 Inspiring Gazebos


Some gazebos have very simple sides that do not offer much more than a few posts. The decorative nature comes into play with the roof and this lighthouse-looking structure has plenty of beauty.


This example is more enclosed with plenty of lattice work on all sides. The space is more private, but still allows for plenty of viewing.


The large stone structure is a great place to have a dance or conduct a formal, romantic meal. The forest setting brings the natural element to the scene while the gazebo enjoys timeless grace.


Many gazebos include intricate designs and patterns and this one is no different. The wood rungs wave a pattern all around the gazebo and the beauty that results is astounding.


Some simple gazebos exist to offer shade and a place to sit to enjoy the breeze and the water views.


Without this gazebo, this field would be rather empty and plain. The simple gazebo offers shade and an unexpected piece of beauty.


The tall columns give this structure more class than it can handle and the dark roof makes it feel modern and graceful at the same time.


This structure looks as if it could be from the Victorian times with its intricate lattice patterns and delicate nature.


The roof line on this gazebo is not typical but sets the structure off as something extra special.


This gazebo has it all. It offers shelter from sun and rain. It is pristine and white. And it has gorgeous views. It is waiting for a wedding to occur.


Gazebos can even act as pavilions under the right circumstances. This structure would be a great place for a family picnic by the lake.


The rounded top sets this gazebo apart from others and the bright red roof stands out against the white coloring.


In order to add class and elegance to any gazebo, curtains that billow around the pillars are a great idea.


This structure is minimal and does not feature a full roof, but it still has the gazebo shape and feel.


Gazebos can even be full outdoor kitchens with sitting areas and space to cook while enjoying the garden views.


While many gazebos are white or wood colored, this dark gazebo sets off the lighter colors around it nicely.


This gazebo screams high class and tends to get the attention it deserves. With tall pillars and intricate roof line decorations, the structure is impressive at every glance.


Gazebos do not have to be intricate in order to remain functional. This simple structure offers shade and a place to rest as well as plenty of enjoyable views.


The two-tiered roof on a gazebo gives it extra style and flair and adds to the overall appeal.


This standard gazebo style boasts beautiful wood and a lovely green contrast in the roof.


For an Oriental flair, some roof lines tilt up at the ends in order to give the gazebo an exotic appearance.


This structure started out plain, but with the addition of a few boxes and some intriguing seating along the side, it turned into something quite breathtaking.


This unusual gazebo takes on an oval shape, allowing for more room in the center for a small party on the lake. The double roof line and added touches make it enjoyable even from a far.